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    Will one more day hurt? Naaaahhhhhhh!

    I will leave mine until Chrimbo Day too ;o) Was going to test Christmas Eve, but whats a day between tests eh?

    Unless, that wicked witch of christmas past shows up on Tues! Yes, I am talking about AF!




    lilmeh2- thank you so much and gl to you also. lots and lots of sticky baby dust to all



    Good morning ladies! We’re leaving today to fly to NC to see my family. I’m not really looking forward to the long flight but I am looking forward to seeing my family. I hope all of you have wonderful Holidays!!


    Irisheyes – I have the same symptoms!!! Spots everywhere and I usually have flawless skin! Also started having low abdominal pain on the left side today, back pain and I’m thirsty all the time! And I am pregnant and 13 DPO…



    I hope everyone had a good & safe Christmas!! It was a nice white Christmas here in Minnesota! : ) Little update about whats happening….my husband finally said that after the New Year we could officially start trying for a baby!! I’ve been off of my birth control for almost a full cycle now. AF is due next weekend. Then we are going to start trying!! I’m very excited!! I received a pregnancy book for Christmas from my husband that I really wanted. Now we just have to get pregnant! : ) Take care ladies!!



    I’m 4 days late, and BFN. what on earth is going on down there!!



    Aw she’s gorgeous! Blue eyes like tahlia 🙂 🙂 . Yeh its so cute but, tahlias always taking her nappy off lately. When I change her bum she always points to her fanny and says what’s this fanny lol



    Hay all! How r we?irisheyes i would say u mite just be preggaz hun! I have been gettin the feeling in my boobs too and it alternates between each one hmmm it so does feel like ya bra is digging into it!lol Im CD 26 here so only 2 days away now from af showing her face. Not feeling much like she will be here yet but who knows. Gettin bad ass back ache and i REALLY do not have the slightest why?! Last night it was super bad and i went to bed. Felt like i had over worked it or sumthin, yet done no lifting or anything to hurt it. Anyways ramble ramble lol! Any1 else get that before they found out they were preg?



    I just have to share my amazement with someone. My husband took it upon himself to clean the house, do laundry and put away dishes today…I NEVER asked him to, he did it all by himself!!!! All the extra lovin he’s been getting lately must be working to my favor ;0)



    SO many new names in here! 🙂 Baby dust!



    So I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning, took another test and there was a very faint line again…..I think I might be pregnant!!!!!
    Good luck to everyone else



    One more..I’m 42 also. I’m taking both types of folic acid every day..there’s methylfolic acid that doesnt need to be converted. It can reduce risk of both spina bifida and downs. Should take it 3 months before trying.



    Hi Maureen!!



    Hallo Everyone! we just started to try and i have already missed my AF. I’m more than a week over and have tried to test but not 1 test worked. there were no lines on the test. I’ll try again on Friday. I don’t feel Pregnant had some morrning sickness. do any of you know if you can be pregnant and not have symtoms. I can’t remember from my last pregnancy. Good Luck to all



    thanks Diane, I’d love to get some out of the pound shop (as we call it here), but I always seem to have my sister in tow when I’m in there, and I don’t want anyone to know i’m ttc again, yet!

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