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    It seems like we are getting a lot of BFP’s again this month too!!! Way to go ladies keep them coming!!! Mickeychelle30 you’re next!!! Who else is is there? Only, Crazy, Mommy any others really close to testing? Good luck girls I can’t even get a pos OPK atm lol;)



    When CD 1 officially begins always seems to have confusion around it… I always seem to start in the morning, and by noon or evening at the latest it’s full force, so CD 1 is easy for me to call!


    Hi all, just wanted to send a few farewell wishes as I am moving to week 5 after 9 months of trying! Loads of baby dust to all!! and a few tricks that we tried this month that may help you ladies out…I switched to almost decaf (3 scoops decaf, 1 regular), got my pelvis adjusted regularly by my chiropractor, and used ‘preseed’ lubricant! Not sure if it was one specific thing or the combo that worked, but it can’t hurt for others to try it too! Best of luck to you all!!


    LOL, Dawn, I had this dream last night that my family and I were traveling. I went to get in my seat on the plane and I couldn’t fit, I took up like 3 seats, my poor dh had to go pay for more tickets because I was taking up so many seats.



    🙁 well im out for this month AF just arrived.. so im off to buy some chocolate and DVDs and hangout with my little man.



    RubyLove & kristin:armywife07 – since you both have children the same age as my DS I have a question for you. Have your girls had difficulty going to sleep at night, for the last three nights Benjamin’s been SCREAMING bloody murder when we put him to bed. I haven’t encountered this since he was a wee one, After 15-20 minutes of nonstop screaming I brought him into our room and let him sleep with me until he fell asleep. I hate to get him in the habit of sleeping in our bed, but it’s the only way I can get him to sleep. My husband kepts telling me I’m pregnant and our DS senses it and that’s why he’s being extra clingy lately…I tend to disagree with his train of thought. I’m going to try moving his bedtime back half an hour tonight, and changing up the bedtime routine to include half an hour sitting with him in the rocker and gently talking, reading or singing with dimmed lighting.



    i am now 14 days late what are is the chance of getting a bfp? testin in am



    I’m down to the one week wait! For the last few days I’ve been extremely tired, today I’m feeling a little warm, slight cramping and a wave of nausea past over me.. I keep telling myself it’s just AF symptoms so I won’t be disappointed next Wednesday, but the brain keeps stumbling back to the pregnancy thought.



    iss 6 DPO too soon for sore boobs? I never have this but I do today. Not thinking it is anything, but just wanted to know!



    Any ideas why my hpt are showing BFN when AF is 9 days late and i ovulated on 24th Dec?


    sarah- UTI shouldnt affect implantation



    I use my mobile,so i assume its a problem with my phone,its annoyin i no,sorry ladies is any1 havin a quiet nite in like me,ive gone from 32inches 2 41 on my waist in 3days did that happen 2 any1 else,get 2 wk26,wth not even a bump,then bang,u cant c u feet anymore? Lol x



    sarah-ovulation detection strips detect your LH surge. This surge of hormone tells the egg to release. you should have sex that day/night of a LH+ and every day after until your temp goes up. Basal temp going up means you ovulated…you should have sex one more time in case you are a late ovulator. Check for LH surge around 2pm with a bladder at least an houyr full. We always have LH in our system, getting the am urine may detect this and not your true surge. Also important to read the test exactly when it tells you to and you are looking for a line as dark as the test line. I’ve noticed I can test ANY day and can see a faint line if I let the test sit long enough which was confusing to me until I asked. Good luck!



    mfbrown – because you o’ed late I would say that your AF will be late as the phase between ovulation and AF never changes length, just the time between AF and Ovulation lol i hope this isn’t too confusing for you hun….BABYDUST to you hun and good luck



    California- i was the same way too i used to stress so much about it then we conceived our son, looking back on it now its silly, like you said its something that should just come naturally, i understand calulating it out so you know when but i’ve met a few women that it sucks up all there time and they stress and think about it 24/7 they end up missing their period just because they are TELLING thier body they are pregnant, so the body reacts to that and bam they have all the pregnancy symptoms, no AF.

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