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    I just had a look at your chart too lains – you *might* have ovulated, or you might be gearing up to ovulate now, and the glob was thick EWCM. I would keep up the BDing as your cycle tends to be on the longer side. Make sure you’re drinking lots of fluids and see what your temps do in the next week. =)



    Thank you LB! I can’t wait for you to test!!



    rylansmommy- Glad to hear the chest xrays were negative! Hope the rest of the tests come back clear, too.


    I keep the test results secret too… anyone planning on finding a neat way to tell the DH? Or will we all be too excited and just blurt it out?



    green2u – that is my LMP. I just got a neg blood test yesterday. Results today NO AF yet. And high temps but. I should be if I were pregnant, 5 weeks tomorrow. According to my Fertility Friend app.



    hmmmm if thats true i wonder why im still getting positives if im not due to ovulate for like 5 days



    i THINK i may be 4 to 6 dpo…crossing my fingers!! i’m gonna poas again on friday or saturday if af doesn’t show. i want to test again so bad!!



    MARKiA – First Congrats!! I am sorry that I don’t know why the pink color but my suggestion is call your doctor and ask. I wish I could help anyone..



    Happy new year ladies!!!!! Wishing BFPs for all of you <3 congrats supermama, what a great way to start the year!!!!!!!



    Thanks Sarah! I’m sure you are ready to BD like crazy here soon…good luck to you! I would love a Santa baby….we’ll see! (Oh and posted pics of the party last night if you want to take a peek.)



    ***TMI ALERT*** last night, b4 i went 2 bed i noticed a big clump of cm on my u\w….on lookin at it, it looked creamy but wen i touched it, it was sticky….it rolled in2 a ball wen i tried 2 stretch it between 2 fingers….but wen i used both hands it stretched really far ….can anyone help? Is that more Ewcm? Or how do i record it on FF? as sticky, creamy or EWCM? Is it possible im Oing again? Or have i not OD YET? am day 24 of a 30 day cycle…..


    Yeah i think they will i think everyone learns something from someone elses experiences and if a couple is thinking about the process they know a bit more about it



    I usually have 37 day cyclesn they r so irregular but if I go by 37 days cycle I’d b due the 9th for my period but IV been crying about everything si I thought well ill just try now n they was bfp. I got the glob like Thursday I think I posted about IR n I thought it was late ovulation but obviously not! Bit good luck to u! Hopefully ur glob lol will lead to a bfp too!


    Lol me too i have banned BDing for the next 2 days or so i need my fiance to save all his energy



    Good luck to the ladies testing! I hope faint lines grow to super dark ones and sticky beans!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 24,406 through 24,420 (of 131,346 total)

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