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    I take the fish oil(omega-3) for cardiovascular health. It also acts as a mild anti-inflammatory, if you have arthritis or joint swelling.



    around what CD do you get your + OPK eeyore?



    I was determined to wait till after I got marcried and as soon as I gave up Im also really sick and I never get sick..Not nausea but chest cold been sick for a good while..Ive also gained 8 pounds..I never gain weight I thought it might be from the birth control cause they put me on the pill vs my IUD..



    That’s awesome Raychel!!!! Congratulations 🙂



    dmmarinewife…thanks for the response…it most definately hurts towards my back too, alot in my back…and if i push on my back, it hurts in the front..I am definately thinking cysts because it’s a different sort of pain than my endo pain. I’ll have to see what the dr. says, sometimes the pain is so bad I have to take the perscription pain meds that are for my endo….and I just had two friends announce their pregnancies also…I’m happy for them but sad for me. Sometimes it just makes me feel numb


    i got a great laugh…thanks spunky!


    Hey ladies, I have been MIA lately! Im trying to take the relaxed approach this month and not get so wrapped up in TTC. I dont think im gonna OPK or anything either, just BD around my fertile days. Im CD 7 and i finished up my clomid today and i should O in about a week. Babydust everyone!!!


    I didn’t really have trouble getting pregnant the first time ( took 3 months) and wasn’t even charting/ using ovulation tests/taking supplements so hopefully it won’t take a long time and I am sorry for those who are having a longer time. I can’t even begin to imagine and I hope you all don’t have to go much longer without a BFP. One of my lady friends on this site told me about Geritol. It’s a cheap over the counter supplement that so many woman have sworn by to get them pregnant even though it’s been said to just be an old wives tale and theres no claim to it on the bottle. The saying is though ‘ theres a baby at the bottom of every bottle.’ Well I decided why not and bought it along with 400mcg of folic acid since it the Geritol doesnt have enough of that alone. So far so good. Actually I feel like my Cm is more abundant and better this time than any other times. I know I’m in my fertile window because I’m having a lot of thin CM and should O in the next 3 to 4 days. I hope this stuff works. Also, I bought my first digital ovulation test so I think that’ll def. help with timing my O day. Oh and it’s said that Geritol can regulate your cycle better if you have off cycles. I don’t so I can’t say that it’s true but that’s what my lady friend told me



    congrats mama bri!!!! oh excellent its starting to go in the right direction now. seems to be more and more bfp’s 🙂



    this whole ttc and not being successful sucks-its getting to me. if this mth didnt work im calling my dr



    Katmomma I do the same thing! Every little symptom I have I think it could be pregnancy related but then ends up being AF! I need to just stop and let it be but its so hard!


    well good luck warwick…i hope you get your bfp!!


    Posted my OPK’s if any one want to help me figure them out. They are on the last page of my photobook.



    when will u be testing?



    i haven’t been able to get to a chemist today so hopefully i’ll get out tomorrow but i’ll try another cheapie in the morning and see if it shows anything 🙂 but i’m getting kinda scared now……oooh………

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