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    babydusted- i had tried charting my temps a couple years ago when ttc, but my vaginal temps were crazy all over the place, so i gave up on temps, and was only trying to tests, but last time (a couple years ago) i had never gotten a positive more than one day at a time. so i figured i’d just ask you ladies.



    I saw and answered your blog Hoping – TTC is a rough road when it does not ‘happen’. I posted a video I found on YouTube that a woman had made in her journey. She expresses exactly the deep sadness and questioning that comes along with TTC. She was blessed with her baby less than a year after she made the video. It is worth a look for anyone who feels like they need to know someone can really relate to the sad times that come with TTC.



    @vonne0311 , FF will only tell you if you Oed for sure if you are temping..What dpo are you?



    AF is 2 days late, temp is up… not sure if I O’ed this month tho and hubby and I only BD a few times as he went away half way through my cycle (gets back today)…. should i test anyway?? No symptoms of pregnancy so I really have no idea. Help!



    terri everyone is different with depo unlike mojo. it took me 6mos to get my cycle back after 9yrs of depo. this time it took longer it was 8mos and I was only on depo for 2yrs.



    So i’m on CD25 has anyone else had creamy CM just before AF? i should have her visiting Sunday.



    LukesMommy08 thanks hun 🙂 im so nervous lol xx kyliemama11 ignore it hun no one has the right to make you feel bad hun xx



    My nephew was born at 10.10am today, weight unknown and name still deciding ! Just hope its not maxamillion or max,joseph lol i like her name leo and willim



    Ok so I got impatient and did a test today and feel really disappointed with a negative result. Pretty sure I ovulated around the 16th, last period was April 5th which says my period is due around the 2nd. I had what I thought was implantation bleeding last week – around Wednesday, just really light pinkish mucous.. Really thought I would see a positive result no matter what… Do you think I could still be preg but tested too soon? I hope so. Will end of week if period doesn’t come I guess.


    and baby rob – lol thanks for the picture comment on my possible tiny baby bump/possible just lots of bloating



    Kristy – oh no… I’m so sorry… … … 9dpo is early… if it’s just light, does that mean you still have a chance??





    and Congrats on the BFP’s!!! Seems like there have been alot on here lately so maybe i rejoined the forum just in time lol FX…..


    6DPO…i agree time is dragging!! No symptoms except creamy lotion type cm (sorry tmi) – would there be any symptoms at 6dpo?


    Participant This is how we are going to announce the news to our family. I sent them all a copy of this pic.

Viewing 15 posts - 24,661 through 24,675 (of 131,346 total)

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