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    Thank you Landons-Mommy2. I’m really excited to be here. And welcome also to annabellesmummy. It is always a good feeling knowing we aren’t going through this waiting time alone. Of course I wish you all baby dust in hopes that you won’t have to wait too long. bgscoobyluver….I’m so sorry to hear about what the medicine your husband is taking might mean to you guys having another baby. But I will say you have an amazing attitude and I pray that despite the odds God will bless you with just one more if it is his will. Enjoy your day ladies!!!!



    Hopefully its different next time? I chose to stop the midwives attached her wrong on the first feed and just ripped my nipples to pieces, I tried for about a week but couldn’t handle the pain I balled my eyes out everytime I fed her.


    Vegan.. I caved and tested again yesterday. It looked like a BFN but when i looked again later it had the same super faint as the one last Friday.. I put the pic of yesterday’s test up! Tell me what you thinK? I tested again today with FMU and BFN 🙁 AF isn’t supposed to be here till friday so I’ll wait to test again until I’ve missed it. Fingers crossed for all you trying as well!



    Congrats 2ties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I know I need to change my status but I almost feel like it’s too good to be true.



    Lady, I usually ovulate when af stops so it is not uncommon if you mean you think you o days after af stops. I have a 21 day cycle. This is considered in the normal range just on the shorter side of it.



    blondeoneill- What a hard decision to make… I cannot imagine what you went through during that time. I will be praying for you.



    youngmum- tryy phone sex lol or try to include him in what`s going in on in your cycle so he feels inculded and a part of whats going on! 27 days eeks thats awhile maybe go buy some sexy lingerie or plan for a romantic home cooked meal…food is the way to a mans heart as they say! Ive tried the lingerie and high heel thing sorry for tmi ! but anything that spices up the bedroom can`t hurt even a weekend away is worth it …forget trying just thing of a romantic time away thats how me and the bf got pregnant



    af due tomorrow and i can tell the ugly biatch is gona be there right on time!!! major cramps and nauseas with sore boobs which i get,/ my cervix however is very high but expecting an overnight drop



    @exclusive…i had Mirena removed after 18 months of hell with it…that was one of the worst decisions EVER…other than agreeing to marry my xDH hahaha!! I too had erratic spotting and whatnot (not to mention headaches, constipation, etc…) But, to answer your Q?…my cycles got back to normal within a month or two…but they’re 3 days shorter on average now. Which could be a good thing…less of a wait on ovulating, testing, etc…



    Hi ladies! I was on the forum when I was preggo with my daughter (who will be 5 next month) This is such a fabulous site and network opportunity!! Just a little info about me…this is the 8th month of ttc. It’s been a long journey! I found out I have a blocked right tube and just had my first round of clomid to improve my chances of ovulating from the left side. Right now I am in the 2ww. This is hard!



    ah had those pains last month two..hmmm


    Congrats Corrie29!!!



    Hello all my fellow TTCers!!!! I am on 7DPO and CANT WAIT TO TEST!!!!!



    High cervix is a good sign of pregnancy, although it should be quite soft but not necessarily, I’m unsure wether to bother testing as my cervix has lowered even more and outbreak of spots 🙁 so I’m out I’m sure. And hopeful I am so so sorry to hear of your loss :'( xxx

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