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    Does anyone know how to make your coverline and ovulation re-appear on FF? I accidentally deleted their interpretation and now can’t figure out how to get it back!!!!!!


    Crazy and xwee, i kow they are turds but even after all the she was covered in makeup and looked like she was just out of an asstray. I had to laugh, and my son oh man he looked like the green goblin lmao!


    15 dpiui, negative… Have any of you ladies had IUIs before? Should I be calling my RE and telling them I have a neg & no period? Or should I wait until Tuesday when I am late late?


    I’m temping this month but not using OPKs yet.



    Amanda…I would definitely say yes that’s a BFP!! And congrats!!!



    awe no free tests 🙁



    the 4s i’m using an app called vizwiz to help take the pics because it tells me when things are in focus.. so maybe that’s what’s making them so bad.. hmm. maybe i’ll try to figure out how to just do it with just the phone.



    I just did another OPK and it hasn’t even come up at all…not even registered. I’m gutted. I don’t think the clomid has helped at all, well it obviously didn’t help.



    momfromcanada ahh;) thanl you I hope it is your month too. We also don have any Feb bdays. Terriann you go have fun and no worries. a few sould be fine.



    baby786- It would be nice if AF didn’t pay you a visit, but if he shows, welcome her with open arms and in a week you can start ttc again. I know it is hard, but try to not let it get you down, praying your time will come soon 🙂



    Alohamom, I was wondering how you and your hubby were making out. Glad to hear that he was home during your fertile period. FX you catch the egg. Endoftherainbow, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Still not sure what the heck is going on with my cycle. Moving into CD19 and still no LH surge (unless it was super early). From what I’ve read, ovulating late in a clomid cycle can be a sign that your body isn’t responding well or that you have weak eggs. I’m really hoping to get my surge in the next day or two so that isn’t the case (although I have read some stories about women getting BFPs after ovulating late too). If this cycle isn’t successful I have to go back to my doctor to refill my prescription and she is going to double the dose. I might ask her whether the Ob/Gyn she referred me to for my fertility testing can do IUIs for us to boost our chances since I still haven’t heard anything from the fertility clinic. Hoping that I would get some monitoring that way too to have an idea of how many follicles I’m producing, how big etc.


    lol seansmom yeah they keep them behind the counter here soo she had to go get the manager and open a new box and everything lol. They are so cheap though you can’t really go wrong by buying a bunch at once.



    Hi. Well husband and I had spoken about trying for baby number 3 last month and around ovulation we BD but then I freaked out and doubted the whole thing and ran to the pharmacy to get Plan B emergency contraceptive. Anyway that threw my cycle WAY off..which it had never done the other couple of times that I have taken it…I mean I had my period or breakthrough bleeding…whatever that was…for 3 almost 4 weeks straight. Anyway..since it stopped…and somewhere in between during the breaks from bleeding…my husbandand and I BD without protection or any other form of BC. Now ive been feeling off and my boobs are soo swollen but not sore..I have bad cramps but no period. Oh and i feel myself turning into a witch with a b..which is a sign with my other 2 pregnancies..but it could also be AF.i also have soo much gas. Sorry tmi!!! .i just need to know what is happening to my body..Its so hard to tell if I should test or not cause I don’t know when I ovulated or if I even ovulated at all. Im so confused. I took a hpt ( from the dollar tree) last week on Tuesday and it was negative. It kills me all this waiting we have to do!


    HEY LADIES! I’m back! I was on here for my ENTIRE pregnancy and after birth of my first child last year. Now we are TTC #2! I am on my period right now but am hoping I can get into the swing of things by the time I’m off it so I’ll know all the lingo lol. Missed you all!



    Im testing on sunday.think i saw a line on this ams test but cant retest today as havent gt anymore hpts xx

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