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    hey ladies just stopping by to check in on how everyone is doing and to say thanks for the advice that you all gave me on how to deal witht he wisdom teeth pain…



    Hello ladies,
    I have a quick question. If i’m due to test on the 26th what day is the earliest that I can test on before the 26th? Me and the hubby have be bding every day since the 1st when we got married. My period was fom he 1st to the 6th and I’m usually 28-30



    Morning ladies…wow we are all together….my af is due 21/22 or 23rd Dec! Baby dust to all x x x x



    okynot, did you use a different brand yesterday than today? Some OPKs are more sensitive than others… you might have also had a little less concentrated pee when you tested today. Did you drink anything in the 2 hours before you tested? Any other fertile signs like EWCM, or opened cervix? Sorry so many questions, but there can be a few factors at play here. You MIGHT have had a fast surge and missed the + OPK, and so may still ovulate in the next 48 hours. You might not have missed the surge at all yet, and just did not have as much LH metabolized in your pee today for the test (that’snormal – also normal for LH to rise and fall before the real surge). Keep testing and keep BDing, assuming you have not Oed yet. If your CM gets really thick in the next day or so, then you might have ovulated. Even after my temp rise or + OPKs, I always BD for the rest of the week just to make sure I don’t miss a sneaky egg! Good luck!



    YAY a blaring pos opk!! 33 days after MC started and 15 days after first blank neg hpt!! i have had ovulation niggles on both sides but more defined on the rhs. Last cycle that i fell pg i ovulated out of left side…we bd last night and 2 days before that and we will be bumpin uglies again tonight!! i hope that this is a succesful ovulation and conception!! i would have been 12 weeks this weekend..;((



    eliane- Aghhhhhh I’m so excited. I’m 2 days behind you and 11DPO!! I def think this is it 🙂 ps so sorry but im sending this message from the bathroom cause I’m on the loo again!!! TMI!! 🙂 I don’t have a test in the house because I was afraid to do one too early again, now I wish I had but its 10.10pm here and too late to get one! I might just have to make a stop at the pharmacy on the way to work tomorrow!!! Keep u posted, send me truck loads of sticky baby dust!!



    Kristy, u may be bleeding bcuz of a vanishing twin, dont take my word for it tho…definatly get to a hospital as soon as u can just to check, lots of women bleed during pregnancy and everything turns out fine



    Thank you sara I feell awful for feeling this way since I know it can take longer and I should feel blessed that I concieved so quickly with my daughter just feel like that sets me up for disappointment this time.


    supermama- hang in there girl… Maybe see your OB?
    Lukes- I havent used the test that you tested with, but Ive had faint lines show up after testing with my 2nd baby… I totally thought it was neg.. Came back like 15 mins later and it was pos… Got a digi and came up POS instantly…



    Oh please let this be the month…CD5…usually O on the 14th, so have several days to wait. Oh I just don’t think I can stand it any longer. Why was it soooo easy with my DD and this time it’s seems to be so hard??? I am going mad!



    Sarah from MN – 2WW (Two Week Wait) is the time between ovulation and AF, the limbo of not knowing if you’re pregnant or not.



    babu786-mine started today too!



    Hi Dawn. *waves* Hi and welcome Melissa. Good luck TTC.



    keegansmommy -> wow thats almost 2 weeks away. I hope that all is well with you and the baby. Have you thought about going to a walk in clinic or the local hospital?



    ig you ladies saw my post 3 pages back with the pics of the opks i took another this morning darker than yesterdays but still isnt darker than the control maybe these cheapo tests suck im on ch 15 of a 31 day cycle

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