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    Well, I’m out this month 🙁 Sad. I’m 10DPO and BFN! I’ve always gotten BFP by this time, so now I just wait for AF and move onto month 3. Grrr. 🙁 Oh well, God’s timing! Good luck to you all and I’ll still be around!!



    Cleo- I am fairly regular by now. I have a longer cycle though, I average 32 days. oddly so does my mom.


    Thank you @damn I hope I am! I’m sooo excited I haven’t fell asleep yet it’s 2am…all I keep thinking about is tomorrow and what might happen!



    Bnl – it sounds like you are putting way too much stress on yourself and your body. I do not mean to be judgemental I know it is probably killing you not knowing when is going on but our bodies can play nasty tricks on us when we obsess about things. I think if you relax a bit and let nature take its course you will find better results…i am so sorry if that offends you, i do not men to be offensive at all! I really hope you get some answers soon 🙂



    4days late Negative test. decided to take a HPT i am 8 days late. Negative. i am 100% sure i am not pregnant now. its just driving me crazy that i havnt strated yet


    Ella is that why it’s so green because you get a lot of rain. Every picture I’ve seen of Ireland, the landscape is just so beautiful.


    CD4 …another 3 weeks until i O. Such a long time to wait inbetween cycles. Good luck to the ladies in the 2WW. Just been reading through posts….has anyone heard from BEAN? She blogged to say she had a BFN…just wandering if there was any news from her? Loopy….i’ve got three of those CB tests left from ebay…do you think they would still work in march?



    Well, I got AF today and I am very heartbroken. I think I am just not going to come on here until we actually are pregnant. I really have learned sooo much about my body from everyone on here. Before, I didn’t know ANYTHING about OPK’s, preseed, LP, any of that. Now I do and I am grateful for that, but it’s just too hard for me to read about other people getting BFP’s and symptoms. That might make me a bad person to feel that way, but it’s true. It’s makes me feel like I am a failure when I don’t get one. So, thanks everyone for your help and conversation. look forward to talkign with you on the ‘other side’. And MUCH baby dust!!



    Wantsagirl- I am on CD 25 today and still no pos OPK. I have noticed a slight temp shift for 2 days now, so maybe I did O, only time will tell. We have been BD’ing on CD 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25. I am so over ttc atm!!!!!



    ladies, i am having the worst time tryin to stay awak at work! What should i do to stay awake!? lol



    Lots of sticky baby dust brie….



    scared mom 2be – i have just cheked out ur profile and realised u are from great barr – im from Sutton coldfield!! Small world


    I live in cali and got clomid just by asking but maybe because I have 1 tube. I didnt have to do any extra explaining.To be honest you just have to find a cool enough obgyn thats all. Some docs dont listen or care about infertility issues. I would still ask a doc even if I was trying for 6 months.



    I use my mobile,so i assume its a problem with my phone,its annoyin i no,sorry ladies is any1 havin a quiet nite in like me,ive gone from 32inches 2 41 on my waist in 3days did that happen 2 any1 else,get 2 wk26,wth not even a bump,then bang,u cant c u feet anymore? Lol x



    Midwest-some people it takes a looong time, sadly. Took us 9 yrs to have our 3rd baby. I got pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy 2 months after my 1st miscarriage, and then it took almost a year after that to get pregnant again, which I ultimately lost as well. Stress and nerves seemed to have alot to do with it. I drove myself nuts charting, temping, ovulation tests, sex only on certain days, clomid, which didn’t work for me. When I finally stopped obsessing about it…I got pregnant,lol. I’ve had 3 babies successfully since then, with only 1 miscarriage in between those. Point is…don’t stress♥

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