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    3babies..I’m sure your ok hopefully it means something good!



    Hi Cherry!



    chasitiy1~~I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Take good care of yourself. (((hugs)))



    Thx! This is only my 2nd month TTC so we shall see 🙂



    good morning ladies, well still no AF for me, she’s 1 day late, 15dpo today 🙁 i didnt test and i am not going too just tired of the negative results..i think she’s late coz i was stressing about TTC this month. i just want AF to come so i can move on the next cycle…this is really making me sad..



    my last af was 16th may so im due 13th may but i have ovulation pain on the 2nd of june but by calander was ment to ovulate on the 30th june done test today witch is the 12 and was neg



    Hi ladies, I hope you are all doing well. Congrats to any BFP. I have a question for you ladies, my periods can go anywhere from 26 to 35 days. Last month it was 26, I still have not gotten my period as of today which is day 32. I took a test this morning and it was a BFN. Is it possible that I could stiill be pregnant or is that just wishful thinking? I am really not stressing about it so I don’t think it is late because of that. I am just wondering! Thank you 🙂



    La-dee-dah, I am bored. I’m making a blueberry cream cheese coffee cake….It’s not baking fast enough! I’m a bit emotional..I started crying when watching Americas Funniest Videos…they were showing clips of people surprising mothers and husbands telling them they were pregnant…, I cried, tears and all….might have made the ugly cry face too!


    Thanks ladies… i dont know anymore !! I thought i had it all down pat… and now I am just questioning myself on everything i thought i knew…
    my biggest thing now is if it BFN fine but let Af start so we can TTC….
    Last month after i lost 9/12 …. I wasn’t sure if the 9/17 AF was really an AF…. at this point maybe my cycle all messed up because of loss last month…. I know for sure that I had O symptoms whether i realeased an egg who knows but i had positve OPK on 9/28 and then it was neg 9/29 and 9/30 i had o crmaping on 09/29 and major EWCM for 4 days around that time….so if it BFN which i am startig to think it is even with these phantom symptoms… who knows when AF will start if its not here by now .. its already 1215 normally i wake up with it ….. 🙁 im majorly bummed….



    fingers crossed cleo!


    crazy~~ I am already 6dys late!!! I acutally opened up the clearblue test bc I wanted to see how they work. I was suprised to see that it had a regular test strip LOL. There was faint line on it too… I dont really know how that works I have googled it an went to and havent got much of answer bc this isnt the test that you eject. So IDK!!!


    im ok cpalmer thanks – i feel AF is defo gonna be here sunday thou – I do feel that whe something good happens on here you feel a lot better and i hope your ok thou?



    Di- I hope you DO go back to that cycle length! But more than that I just hope you get your darn sticky bfp already! I am always praying for you on that!



    @Chasity – I am!!! @weegee, I’ll let u know tom! Righto Ladies, my bed is calling!! Nighty night x



    how is everyone?? am SO annoyed…wanted sex tonight but hubby decided to get drunk 🙁

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