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    ttc6th….im cd 13!!!! Yay cycle buddy:)



    When the stress of tracking makes you feel like you can’t do it anymore, then you need to not track anything, and just BD when you want to or when you can. We can never ‘forget about trying’ when we’re trying to get pregnant, but we must think of ways to add de-stressing activities to our daily routines so that our lives don’t just become about TTC. I start a cycle with the mind set that I am going to add a few things to my routine that will boost my chances, and I might end up pregnant, but odds are I will not, however the odds also say that that within a year or so, I will be pregant. A few months back I was really becomming consumed with getting pregnant THIS cycle and there was no acceptable alternative because I did everything ‘right’… then I didn’t get pregnant that cycle… and I was SO bummed. After three days of feeling like a failure, I reset my objectives. I added the supplements to my diet, tracked BBT, but that was it. I’d input my temp and immediately close out FF. I never even glanced at it for more than a minute. I thought I’d gotten lucky back in May, but that turned into a loss, and yes I was so hurt by that, but I just set my mind back on knowing I will (I pray) get pregnant again in the not too distant future. I even went so far as to have a plan in place for if something happens and I can’t get pregnant again in the furture. I am a very positive thinker, but I always have a little ‘reality check’ for the negative ‘what if’s’ and how to deal with them in the most positive way. I have decided that if I am not pregnant in the next 5 years, I will be taking in foster children. I am by no means discounting anyones efforts to have their own baby, and telling you ‘chin up, adopt or foster if you don’t/can’t get pregnant’ – this was just my long term ‘cushion’ … TTC, when it does not happen as we plan, I think has to be one of the hardest things we as women (and our partners) will ever endure. It can be like a monthly roller coaster of anticipation, grief and mourning. It’s how we harness the tough times that will determine if we come out stronger for it in the end able to press on, or if we let it crush our spirits to the point where we do, sadly give up the dream of being a mom. If any of you are feeling at the end of your rope, there are some good coping books out there (Riding the Infertility Rollercoaster is one, or Taking Charge of Your Fertility is another – have a look on Google or Amazon). I hope everyone in here TTC gets their BFP ASAP (lol) but that in the waiting, we find the support we need, and healthy ways to cope. That said, no matter how we decide to cope, there will still be days when we sit on the edge of the bed and just cry… and that’s ok too – let it out, get pi$$ed off, but then hop back on that horse!!



    TaylorTTC – may I ask why you only take EPo up till you O? I’m taking 2 pills first thing plus Elevit (pregnancy vitamin which I have been on for the last 3 months – folic etc). When I read your post, I thought Oops, is there something I didn’t know? lol.



    That sounds perfect. With the OPK you usually ovulate 12 – 48 hours after the last + and with a lovely 14 day luteal phase, sounds like you have a nice, even cycle. 🙂






    Good morning ladies…..congrats to those with any new BFPs



    Goodbye for now TTC!!! I just got back from my Dr and I have a possible high grade squamous lesion. Dr said no TTC until this is sorted and cleared. So now when I go to the gyno in 2 weeks for what was supposed to be clomid, will now be for a colposcopic evaluation and see what step to take next.
    I advised my Dr about the bleeding after the pap test and she said that it may be because of the abnormal result, as I’ve never bled and cramped for a week after a pap test.
    I’m not jumping to any conclusions at the moment as I have to wait until we have a better idea of what is going on. I have never had an abnormal result before, so it has come as quite a shock.
    I’ll still be hanging around the TTC forum as I love you guys and enjoy reading about everyones TTC journey. I don’t know if I have already O’d or not this cycle, but I have to at least use condoms or abstain from now or until we know exactly what we are dealing with. I’m on either CD21 or CD8, I could already be pregnant and not know it(I highly doubt it though!!!). All I can do is sit and wait :(((



    When do you guys plan to test?



    Sending lots of BABY DUST to all you ladies!!!!!!



    Question about OPK- Im testing everyday because Im on CD40 with BFN and no af. Yesterday I took a test and it had a faint line. I went back to it later (maybe 15-20 minutes) and the line was much darker- is this considered an evaporation line or did it just darken?



    sorry trying4second and dmmarinewife 🙁 here’s to this month coming being the one! I am still counting on Santa for my BFP :))



    hey ladies, anyone know if it’s possible to get early ovulation after a m/c I had a seemingly + OPK on CD 7, EWCM on CD 6,7 & 8, a small temp dip on CD 9, and rising temps since and no more EWCM, and my boobs have been aching a bit. Wondering if it’s in my head, or post m/c symptoms?



    CD 5 here..started my 100mg of Clomid today. FX that this is my month ladies..sooo tired of this TTC journey!!! GL to the rest of you ladies as well and ~Sticky Baby Dust~



    Good Morning Ladies



    I Have a ? foryou ladies- so if I ovulate around the 11th of nov. like im supposed to- I go to my lapband dr. on the 15th- and there they do an xray of my stomach to check the positioning of my band. Do you think that if I do catch that all elusive egg, that it will affect anything if im only 4dpo?

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