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    I dont want to test until I have missed my period. I just cant handle all the counting of days (it makes me a little crazy) So I will have to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. We do the BD about every other day! So we will see!!


    Mileysmommy I am on cd 15 and believe o is tomorrow … we could be testing buddies!! Good luck !! O pains are totally kicking in I think we are timing this perfect ladies !!!!! Thanksgiving bfp would be great!!!!



    Sory I don’t know how I posted that coment wice I was using mycell b/c I was too lazy to get up and use the computer lol



    a swallow study is just what it’s called to the insurance company- it’s an x-ray where you take a sip of barium (its not as bad as everyone thinks), and they watch how fast it goes down into the stomach. the surgery was fast- I was exercising by 2 days after surgery. it’s been life changing. I think he would def. benefit from it but it has to be because he wants it- not you. (Sorry, just coming from a place of MULTIPLE failed diets for my husband, and not for myself)…but i have sooo much extra energy, and able to keep up with ds.



    Hey Amanda! How are things?



    First Response Early Response pregnancy tests.


    Good evening ladies! Its 9 pm my time and i just woke up from a 4 hour nap! I just passed out…i cant really say this is a symptom as i am always tired…but a 4 hour nap….defo out of the norm! How are you ladies?



    Frenchie wow im so sorry. Kcp – keep your head up and hopefully u will be back soon. Taylor im praying for your love. Sorry for all the AF and any BFN. For me …I hate men at the moment and I just want to scream. Hoping that midnight BD last night was enough cause I don’t wanna touch that thing tonight.



    🙁 I know! it sucks!! Now i gotta start all over from a week ago! it sucks! we only saw the yoc and the sac, i gott another ultrasound on next tuesday.



    Hi everyone. I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I may be pregnant but have a concern, and I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet about it and haven’t seen my doctor yet. I have chronic low blood pressure for as long as I can remember. Will this affect/endanger my pregnancy? All of the info I’ve seen has been about low blood pressure during pregnancy, but not as a pre-existing condition. Please help. Thanks.



    LaChica26 – I am sorry…hope it gets better soon 🙂 I hear ya! it has been a bad month for me at work as well…it is not fun at all!!!



    omg yeah hopefully you and candila start the xmas bfps!!!! im am trying not to get too excited though cos i think we may have missed the right days to bd but you never know. my fertilityfriend chart said i o’d on CD13 and we bd wed and thurs so fx!!



    ArcticArlz – thanks…I hope so 🙂 I am kinda worried we may have missed the window…BD’d the 10th and 12th and I am not sure if I O’d on the 13th, 14th or 15th since I cramp for 2 days around O…we will see…no symptoms yet that I can tell so we will see! hoping I O’d on the 13th before the cramps started!



    My baby girl turned 4 years old today!!! I can’t believe how fast they grow!!!! Ready for another little one hoping for a christmas surprise 🙂



    trying again 09 sure it will happen soon 🙂 keep positive!

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