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    Can anyone tell me what website to order a large quantity of ovulation strips? My close friend is try to conceive and would like to order some. Thanks so much for your time and responses.



    I want 3 and am only planning 3 lol, but I keep thinking that if a 4th happened by accident someday I wouldn’t mind lol :0)



    8DPO and BFN on a FRER. I have em’ to burn though, because a preggo girlfriend gave me her arsenal of left-overs haha, so I figured why not. Earliest I’ve ever gotten a BFP was late evening (10:00 pm) on 9DPO. Do I still have hope? What do you think? I defend my dissertation proposal on Tuesday afternoon – a day that has been months and months in the making – and it’s the same day AF is due. Not to be snarky, but to go into my defense with a BFP in my favor would make what’s going to be a hard day soooooo much better! 😀 God I hope I get it!



    So I really thought that I O’d on Friday- BBT even looked that way. But today my BBT dropped back down- I took an OPK and it came back positive right away- so maybe Im about to O in the next day. UGH!


    MOMIIB: good luck for your appointment on Friday! I keep feeling menstrual cramps as well, though not when angry. Just randomly. though no sign of AF!



    Hi ladies, well my hcg has gone from 337 to 41 in 2 weeks so hopefully not much longer and i will be ready to ttc..i can’t wait..this weekend i am letting my hair down with mates and dh and having a good time…hopefully the last hoorah and then my body will turn into a baby making machine!! good luck to everyone TTC lets hope the next couple of months are full of our bfp!!


    congrats to the bfps!!!!!!!!!!! the baby train is loading up hoping it waits 6 more days to head out for me!!!!



    hi Duffy glad to have ya back. I just took my first ever opk cd 13 to see what it would look like (8:09 PM) When is optimal OPK testing time?? Just curioius… Oh and I posted my pic just for nostalgia purposes… I’m weird I know :0P



    oh yes! blondeoneill- I salute you for being so strong. no one really knows what it must’ve been like to face such a decision, but now you’ll forever have an angel watching over you. <3



    lillyrose, give your bf abit more time, like ya said planning it is one thing but reality is one hell of a shocker!!, hope he comes round for you tho x



    oh no Nixsa,fingers crossed it’s not your AF! shoot, even if it is, and she does come tomorrow, at least you can have some BD fun. Is it weird that I catually quite enjoy the TTC bit? not just the actual BDing but the whole process? meeting ladies like yourself, the anticipation, comparing symptoms, sharing giggles. It’s an experience in itself, and yeah, we all want to move on from it and get our babies, but I’ll maybe feel a bit teary if I go to weeklies, because this may be my last baby, and as soon as I become pregnant..I’ll never be here again, doing this crazy woman TTC TWW shit! lol x anyways my nipples are tingling…I got a BFN today..but I kinda know….



    I havnt done house work all weekend sooo as u can guess its a mess, well my kitchen is anyway haha oh hun dw I won’t stay skinny forever, my mum was a size 6 after 3 kids now she’s like a 12 or 14. She was smaller then me! And you are Not Fat!



    And4eva: sorry ur in pain and I hope that’s not it and u will ovulate 🙂



    You’re freaking yourself out excited! An ectopic will still show on a HPT (in most cases) the hCG might be a bit more slow rising than a normal pregnancy though. Don’t panic yourself about ectopic pregnancy – remember they only happen in like 4% of pregnancies, and 1/2 of those miscarry on their own with no risk for long term damage to your tubes. The hip pain you felt is common, and probably the hormone Relaxin or just the follicle paining a bit post ovulation – we release relaxin after ovulation to stretch our ligaments as a preparation for our body in case we do get pregnant (then we make more Relaxin). Some women get lower back or hip pain after ovulation, and it is a common PMS symptom – it is actually Relaxin (or a swollen leftover follicle) causing the discomfort.



    Superhero yes it does huni, when pregnant your cervix is soft and high but in early stages can be low but still soft x

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