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    anyone read my post?



    G3, could be implantation but not high enough hCG yet… we’ll be test buddies next wee!



    Why does the 2WW have to take SO LONGGGG!?!! Only 7dpo and I’m so annoyed with how long it is taking LOL



    Well today I am CD 14 and just used my last opk and neg 🙁 I am really wondering if maybe I O’d early? My darkest OPK was on CD 10. I wonder what’s the earliest anyone can ovulate on any cycle? I guess it is possible I missed my surge since I’ve only been testing once a day due to lack of OPK’s.



    Happy Easter ladies. I was out to lunch today with dh’s family (it was a fancy buffet brunch). My MIL saw my final plate of food since it was a weird combo and asked if I was pregnant, lol. I wish. I’m not sure when I ovulated this month since I didn’t really do OPK’s, I’m currently on CD 20 and hoping her guess is right (she doesn’t know we are TTC). But I don’t think we BD’d at the right times. AF is due on the 9th. I’m really trying not to stress too much over it this month but am finding it hard not to.



    Oh good, I know exactly what you mean. I don’t even think about TTC when BDing any more I always expect AF and don’t think about testing any more. Although now I have taken clomid I wonder! This month is the first month I am properly using OPK’s which I am going to do now while I think about it. I feel the same, it’ll happen when it happens and that’ll be because it’s the right time!!



    Seeg, 9 dpo is still really early. Most pregnant women get a BFN that early, so you are not out yet by any means. BabyKnight, we live just outside Arthur….where are you from? Loraclacey, sorry for the BFN. The potential adoption sounds like an exciting development. Good luck at the doctor.



    SARAH hope you o soon 🙂 just keep bding DIANE I can’t wait for you to get your tests 🙂 I hope they can find something for you to carry a beautiful healthy bubba . TTC , yeh but they’ve never made a vaccine, that’s just my opinion I can’t change that I am abit wery of it



    Alliegirl yes..try using just the camera phone itself but not in an app. Hold the camera still for a few secs til it focuses then take pic. It should be pretty clear that way.



    amy – It seems like your body tried, though. Maybe the next dosage will do it!



    I am beyond confused with my body lol. I got AF on the 20th but was supposed to get her on the 24th, so going off of my cycle I should have ovulated around the 3rd. Going off of when my cycle SHOULD have been, I’d be ovulating tomorrow, and today I’ve had ewcm. I just don’t understand…so I have a feeling going off of how we timed BDing we missed our window. But def gunna bd tn and tmrw morning for tood measure. Grrrrrr. Stupid messed up cycles



    mommy2aidan- at least you can stop stressing this month. You never know it may happen when you are not trying 😉



    wow it is definately quiet in here!!!! anyways I better get going to bed. Good night all!! Baby Dust to everyone 🙂



    Sorry kristy. Do you chart cm? That’s a good way to tell if you o’d or not.
    It is so quiet on here today.



    Iwantagirl it sounds like you could very well be preg. Your doc can do a blood test to check – it will detect a pregnancy earlier than a HPT. Good luck!

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