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    Hey ladies, popping in to shake the Baby tree-may you all inhale the dust and have babies popping up all over the place all through next year-shake ….shake!!



    hey how are you all! i never come in here as much as i should im always talking to the ladies in the 30 month page


    AF is due today and no sign of her yet 🙂 went to bed with horrilbe nausea and woke right back up with it this morning along with a horrilbe taste in my mouth took a test BFN, i know its kinda early i didn’t get a faint line with my first until a week after AF was late so I’m waiting a few days and testing again, GL everyone!!!! Congrats to all the BFPs =)



    allison- Yay!!



    Just ben catchin up on the gossip!Good luck for the bfps!! Im currently 10dpo if i dod ov on cd9 like i am sure i did, otherwise going by cd14 im only 5dpo so im unsure of how early to test?? I ponly have two tests. Been feeling nauscious and a bit of heartburn after eatin which is a bit weird. Hoping i get a bfp for a feb2011 baby!



    JBearsmommy – u are so right but isnt it just so easier said than done!!!!! You just drive urself mad!!!!



    @stacyp—-We are on the same cycle i am due on the 9th no BFP yet but im hoping for one! Goodluck and congrats ont the BFP



    congratulations kerryxolee x



    So Temp went back up today almost to where it was before it dipped two days ago. Hopefully it stays up. Is it possible to have a dip and not be pregnant though?



    mrssmith600 – ROFL I don’t know that I’d say I know my stuff, but I’ve learned a few things from TTC my son and listening to the other ladies talk.

    It’s truely up to you, yes, you can test at 10 DPO but don’t get discouraged if you receive a BFN, your hCG levels might not be high enough. If you hate the thought of possibly wasting money on a BFN, I’d suggest waiting until you miss AF. The other thing you have to worry about testing to early is a chemical pregnancy.


    iv been off the pill for 3 weeks now. i havent got a clue what my cycle is as iv been on BC since i was 15. i was on the pill when i got pregnant with my boy who is now 20months. x



    ive tried drinking a coke but still nothing. i just want to go to sleep soooo bad!



    Good night ladies! Only cd 8, but gonna get some bding ‘practicing’ in. We gotta catch that spremie 🙂 Nitey nite!!! 😉



    I am a natural late OV. I have always been like that. And I didn’t realize it until i really paid attension to my CM, and CP, and several pos. OPK. I also started take my BBT for a few months to find out if the OPK were right. But now I don’t use anything now. My hubby just BD everyother night until af showes up. (Plus I know when the time is right it will happen) (now all I have to do is get my MIL off my back about having a baby and everything with be fine….lol)



    A little off topic here- But i am soo ANGRY !!
    Im watching Dr. Phil atm and there is a surrogate mother on there who kept the twin babies!! After she gave birth to the twins, she gave them to the ‘real mother’ then after a few weeks she came back and took them off her. Claimed she was an unfit mother And refuses to give her the money she payed to carry the babies and IVF.. What a bitch, how dare she.. Sorry had to vent

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