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    crazymomma2010, best of luck! and to all TTC ladies. Went to town to pick up test, don’t think I can wait any longer! Here goes….



    i know 🙂 this was the longest 2ww ever and its still not over ugh lol



    Emmalynandwyattsmom—lol I am making a mental note of the pillow on the sink idea. Wouldnt be the first time that i fall asleep on the toilet lol… I actually cant wait for all the getting up in the middle of the night bit and the whole world being quiet and only me and my LO being awake… saying that, Oh has already said he wants to do as many of the night feeds as possible because he gets to spend time with our LO then because he will be working all day. he is so sweet. i told him to grow some boobs and then were talking lol



    Racoon27 ~ Did you test? What did it say?


    well Af is officially late. We been trying since July with no luck. The test today was neg but I still feel sick and have these pains in my breast that come and go. have had problems in the past with pregnancies ending early on so I will retest in the morning and if still neg I’ll wait a week. It worries me though because I have had so many issues in the past including an eptoic pregnancy.



    Thanks Diane – My CP is firm & high up. Not really sure what that means….since I am not sure if I have even Ovulated yet or at all. XX


    kristibelle. any chance u could upload a pic??? but a line is a line hun if u can see a line within the time frame its more than likely ur pregnant, congrats 🙂



    Aw poop Danah – wait a couple of days and try again, with morning pee!



    I have added a pic of my opk’s from this morning. The last photo in my album. What do you all think? Is it almost positive/positive they were taken at 2.30am, 5am, 8.30am and 11.30am. I am yet to take one this afternoon, I’m trying to hold on and not drink too much!!!



    lilysmumma: I found this link while ‘Googling’ a while back, and added it to my page – it is full of good information for TTC after Depo – I added it because so much of the info applies even when not coming off Depo – maybe you’ll find it useful:



    hello again ladies. .. quick question
    (sorry, maybe tmi) My cm since before i ovulated has always been that creamy white color, the date the calendar predicted that i ovulated was sunday, but it seems that today my cm has a bit of the egg white texture, as if i would be ovulating maybe tomorrow or the next day, along with the creamy white cm. am I ovulating late or is this normal?



    Happy – is it AF for sure? I had heavy spotting for four days…



    chasity im cd9 too



    Morning Ladies!


    I feel like an addict . I’m scared to go to the strore because I may be tempted to but a HPT…lol

Viewing 15 posts - 25,486 through 25,500 (of 131,346 total)

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