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    katmoma-Yes exactly. I did the HCG trigger shot. I always have horrible ovulation pains as well. So, I am not off on my days. :o(



    lol i want to POAS too again lmao haha im so bad …..



    Dawn- You have to purchase a VIP membership on FF to get all the bells and whistles. I just use the regular free membership as I’ve been on it for so long.



    nununoodle…my daughter is 16 months old and that is her favorite toy right now too! I would really suggest this as a birthday gift. She got it at her first birthday party.



    God I hate the waiting already, I just want to start trying again. Bleding had stopped from MC and I should O next week, I so want to try but I know we shouldnt. Have any of you ladies tried so soon after a MC? I guess waiting another 4 weeks wont kill me, couldnt stand having another MC so I know I should wait. The only positive from this experience is I have lost 4kg (sorry im in Oz we dont go by pounds)



    good night! i need more feed back! its still a pos even after 40 mins mins, but it showed up within 4 mins? should i get excited? its the same color the pink and it does have color to it!?



    I used to be on the birth control pill but stopped in late September and have been having unprotected sex. Immediately after stopping the pill I got my period and then went 3 months without one which I heard is usual. I got my period again on the 6th and it was my regular 5 days, I also had to start taking amoxicillin for an infection I was fighting and have been taking it for 2 weeks. I was wondering if that means I’m on track? I’m too excited to just wait till the 6th or 10th to take a pregnancy test! I also had sex while ovulating!! So I’m wondering if it is likely I could be pregnant??? I also was wondering if there are any good pregnancy tests that will tell me earlier?? And are the dollar general ones are sensitive enough for that too??? Thank you!!!!



    I went and bought some First Response name brand ones. Im going to wait until the FMU to test again. My bb are KILLING me though and I never had that with af or with DD. Seans- Happy Birthday- Glad things are looking up!



    so I just Realized if I get pregnant this month we would find out the gender of the baby right around my birthday! It would the perfect birthday gift!



    need some advice. new to the site, ttc, have been fr about 3 years now. dr says nothing is wrong, although i am over weight… but very active and healthy. any advice. oh and my af is not normal. i spoted a lil on wed, and then a lil today. my hubby and i bd often, i dont know wht else to try?



    Now there’s something wrong with the blogs and question page…



    Amanda you can get patches of fertitle CM through out your cycle with out actually ovulating



    I can finally see the comment box again, it keeps disappearing and i’m my phone so it makes it harder to try type without seeing anything, i’ve still been reading all the posts tho:) CD 30 for me, had a few cramps yesterday but no sign of AF, my cycles are all over the place so I wont test until next week, i’ve held off buying tests so I dont waste them! If I don’t get my BFP this month i’ll be onto month 23 and my 4th cycle on clomid, trying to stay positive but its so hard:)



    DH is home with lunch, will be on later…



    Alicia – I’ll try to post the pic of my IC OPK that only looked somewhat positive…although I did get a smiley face on the digital. My DH is still not feeling good. sure hope he’s up for a couple more nights of BD’ing. I cant’ wait anther 6 weeks to O!!!

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