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    Jaime that would make it so much harder doing it not only once but multiple times I really do hope you get your chance again soon for another bfp 🙂


    AbigailsMommy…As long as you ovulate before Monday, it is feasible. You would need one of the good tests that say you can test up to 5 days before a missed period and you still would only have about a 63% chance of positive if you are pg. But it is possible as long as your cycles are 28 days or less.



    Diana- well my cycle is never usually the same. sometimes it is but when i did the calucation for my expected AF from my micariage. It would be a 29 day cycle from the time my hcg levels went back to normal because af showed her face on the 30th. and levels were normal by the 1st,


    lol cleo – your on your countdown now are you – im the same but my countdown is to go back to bed i start work at 4am



    Only I am due for Af on the 2nd too I have some symptoms but really just dont feel like I am pregnant. My cycles are all messed up and Af was only light spotting last month idk what to think anymore. However I will be your poas buddy?



    well ladies i’ve just posted a photo of my BBT Chart… Diane and cpalmer i would definately be interested in what you or anyone else have to say about it



    waitin4baby . i AM ON THE SAME BOAT! AF should be here around April 28th or 29th. but, They usually say You can test as early as 10dpo. but you dont always get the results you want that early either.



    Get that cane to his behind rach!!!



    Hello ladies. Im a little confused. My DH and I just started TTC on the 20th of this month. But for the past 3 days i’ve been feeling so sick to my stomach. I can smell something and it send me into a dry heave. I dont know whats going on with me. I mean I want to be pregnant but this is just crazy, even if I did get pregnant so soon, would I really be having symptoms this early? I mean its been literally 5 days, im thinking impossible, but I cant deny the sickness….any ideas?



    Hey ladies..I have a question I am either 10 or 11 dpo….Woke up this morning with some light bleeding, Af isn’t due for another 2 or 3 days. Is this more likely to be implantation bleeding or an early period…I am not having any signs that AF is really coming. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks



    Mom2boy-thanks for that, that’s it I’m so excited now I can’t contain myself I can’t believe this could happen for us !! Pppppplllleeeeaaaassseee be real .



    rylansmommy – I’m a day behind you I had my IUI but the only symptom I have is lower back tinggies….I dont know if is a sign of pregnancy or a sign that I will get my AF…..did you have any symptoms prior to your BFP…?



    Katmoma what a tool why would you ever say something like that and the belly thing I am mortified 🙁 Sorry you had to be near her even more sorry for the little miracle she is carrying 🙁



    SarahMN and AbigailMommy- I had my DD in August 07, it’s funny how many peope are back on thsi site from back then!



    Katmoma – I felt the OV pain last Wenesday, just to the right of my belly button. I knew that was from my ovaries because the dr. pointed them out during my HSG. Anyway, I ran right home to take OPT and BAM! Positive! It stayed positive for two days so I immediately BD. I continued to have the OV cramping for those two days. Well now, 3 or 4 DPO, I am having cramping below my bikini line. I was wondering if that means I have a fertilized egg or if that happens anyway. What do you think? Anyone can answer, I would appreciate it. Baby dust to all!

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