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    hello TTC ladies… I have a question for you.. this is my second child.. i just wanted to see what you all thought about this…i have a u/s this up coming friday… i am only 10weeks and will 11weeks this wedensday… i am already showing and its quite noticeable… my question is ‘ What is the likely hood that i am having twins..’ with my lil girl i didnt show untill my 4month or so.. and i am only half through my 3 month right now… i could use some insight please..



    CD 14 today got my positive OPK. Should ovulate tomorrow. 🙂



    kiwiwmum – I really hope it is. Let us know when you test again.



    thank u dee212…..i am a train wreck right now. period came on monday..



    Good Morning Ladies!



    hi people, im feeling really low now, today i got BFP on my test after 11dpo, now im discharging brown mucus like discharge. im really worried my periodds are due on fri so im very surprised that if it is my periods its very early. pleas if anyone had this kind of experience or advice please help.



    Cleo- that is funny! Which means that every so often you don’t have a period that month. Example, a period at the end of February and the next at the beginning of April.



    Ladygodwin, I am also around 4-6DPO and will be testing on the 8th!!! Hopefully we can both get BFP!!!



    hi JBears


    OMG!!! just got my BFP!!! after trying for so long. for those of you who aren’t aware my dr diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and so me and my partner stoped trying to conceive because we were told that it could affect the baby. little did we know that i was already preggers but too early to tell. the only reason i even tested today was because i have been eating hot sauce on everything lately. i’m so excited but also scared about how this thyroid problem will affect the baby



    Wow, I’m getting some serious cramping, ok maybe not serious but definite cramping. I’m 11 DPO and I haven’t had my period in so long (since March 2008) I don’t remember when I started feeling cramps. I wonder if this is PMS or if it is something else? I keep testing but I keep getting negatives on the HPTs. I’m still hoping for a positive but I’m quickly approaching the deadline, yikes!



    Hey ladies, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. My thyroid is incredibly well maintained. I take my meds at the same time every morning on an empty stomach. I have managed my thyroid this way for 3 years. My thyroid is crazy though.. it decides to jump from hypo to hyper all the time. I go to an endocrinologist regularly and my endo said that he doesnt believe that my thyroid is causing any problems TTC, however my doctor says he is positive my thyroid is causing the issues.

    However, I have been eating a good diet and staying on top of my meds. Hoping for the best!



    hello ladies! just popping in quick to say hi! and to thank whoever gave me persinnamon and olivia as pixie names yesterday! totally inspired! lol sorry I can’t even remember who it was! lol oh and there was another name but I have lost it!!



    mommytojude-I am pretty close to your dpo, think I am between 6-9 dpo, I know I o’d between Thurs-Sunday just not exactly sure which day. Thursday was cd 14 but my cycles have gone from 28 days to 31 so I could have O’d on any of those days. I also tested today (poasaholic) bfn…I didn’t test until 12dpo when I was pregnant with dd & even then it was faint so who knows. AF due end of this coming week. I have 2 test left. I’ll probably test Monday & Wednesday, if still bfn I will wait for AF. Hoping it’s a good month for us all.



    pinkypink – do u know when u ovulated? Any how long after ovulation does AF usually appear?

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