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    oh sarah- i get them ALL THE TIME! I always have!


    OHHHHH Nikie-thanks you SO VERY MUCH for that wonderful insightfull, very smart advice-I never really thought about ‘relaxing’…..I sure wish I would have thought of that, geeez I thought I was relaxed. Do you have your Masters in this-you are so very smart, and so very thoughtfull thanks for your wonderful advice…..relax, Im gonna try it!



    hell, this is making me want to POAS!



    That’s funny! I can’t imagine trying to blow out a sparkler. Has anyone ever used those trick candles?



    Just CD 5 for me here, soooo far away from testing… I think I see it as a tiny dot on the horizon!



    I went on BC when my son was 6 weeks old and he is 3 on feb 14th x and before that I was on it for 9 years xx



    weekend is okay just got back from dinner i am stuffed like a turkey!


    Well I got my call from the doc and a BFN :(!!! I am really ok with it, called my husband and he was ok I think a lil disappointed but said ‘we will just do it everyday around that time what do you call it’ LOL. I said ovulate LOL. Gotta love the men who just dont have a clue. We decided in Sept we were going to start TTC that same week was my ‘o’ week. So we will see what happens this month ;-)!!!



    cleo GO WORK OUT! walk, run, weights, swimming, bike anything. it will help. working out releases endorphins which make you feel better mentaly and you get the great physical results too. it’s a win win situation. it helps release stress, gets your mind of things and you are doing something good for YOU!!!! who knows you might meet some hot guy at the gym ;-)~



    good luck terra!



    kristy, when is yur next period? are you 28 days? i would test earliest is 3 days before my due date. if your boobs grow then it’s a difinite positive i wouldn’t even question it.


    jenn5—do you have any Preg Symptoms??


    i’m good , tired , bbs sore , bouts of nasea . I am happy as a clam.



    lovin- keep your chin up! @everyone- I am 2 or 3 dpo and I am ALREADY sick of the 2ww! lol I did great yesterday keeping myself busy but today has been a bust! lol If the egg was fertilized it should start making its way to the uterus in 1-2 days. I so hope there is a fertilized egg floating around in there!!!! hehe!




Viewing 15 posts - 25,966 through 25,980 (of 131,346 total)

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