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    Me3- I hope it is a positive! Are you going to post a pic?


    well i do know that abnormal sperm cannot make it in to the uterus only the good ones



    me3- oooh! sounds awesome!


    I think my fiance wont be so stressed this if i dont get that BFP as his sperm analysis results were perfectly normal i know he has been stressing a lot over them and i suppose stress for men can interfere with swimmers



    LadyJade, the profile pops up from time to time, and is basically someone soliciting a ‘webchat’ site. The administrator is aware of the problem, but all that can be done when their profile pops back up is delete it again. Copy the message from Ester24 and go to Laura Ward’s page and paste it as a message. She’ll delete the profile.



    doarnold, I’m not an OPK expert but Diane can probably offer you some advise! Good luck.


    Anyone know if Proud mom and wife got a official BFP? Any new BFP’s? I’m currently trying to do as much BD as possible because I have no idea when the heck I’m ovulating!



    Hello ladies!!! I miss all of you! I need to make more time for the internet!! 🙂 I see a lot of new names on here! Welcome to everyone!!! 🙂


    so i need to know what u ladies think, ive just finish AF yesterday and today (tmi) i noticed cm??? can i be ovulating already?? thats soooo werid for me i usually don’t till round day 18!! but i don’t think i ovulated last month as it was my first month of the pill. what do u ladies think??



    STUPID AF!!!!!!! 🙁


    o.k guys two new bfp’s and I know those two ladies were very patient and totally deserve their bfp’s!!….NOW LET’S ALL HOPE THERE’S MORE TO COME!!



    r dollar tree test pretty good??


    I’m going to try to take a nap because my son just went down…I need to make sure I get my rest so I have a better chance at BFP…LOL



    Todays O day for me yay!!! Can feel it on the left side too. We bd yesterday and all the days since AF left but won’t be able 2 2day bcuz my 7y/o is home from school and my DH works at night. SO….. maybe 2morrow



    irisheyes & angel – congrats-

Viewing 15 posts - 25,981 through 25,995 (of 131,346 total)

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