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    Hey Diane.. Im such a dunce..LOL I reread your post and I guess my pg goggles are not letting me read things thoroughly enough LOL..Good Luck with your U/S I hope they dont find anything serious! I will pray for you right now. Please pray with me.. Dear Lord, You are most bountiful in all your blessings and Diane needs Your love and guidance at this difficult time so that she can concieve one of your most precious gifts. Please guide the doctors so they can help her get back on track and please keep her safe. IN His Name, Amen.



    wants a girl…id go to the doctor. if you are pregnant there might be something they could give you to retain the pregnancy. For instance if your progesterone is low they will give your that…there might be other things they will give



    Lol, I love this place! It is so great hvaing so many people around who can help and offer advice. Arctic- maybe wait to POAS until after Tuesday when AF is due? My friend didn’t get a positive at all and was 6-7 weeks preggo and had bloods which told her that she was.


    well ladies, im out for a while. ive officially got pcos, and im being put back on the pill to try force af as ive not had af in 11 months. im devistated, puts me out of ttc for several more months. in the meantime,ive got to try lose as much weight as humanly possible. i couldnt be any more heartbroken



    breathing a huge sigh of relief… BFN which is good since I don’t want to get pg until next month!! Now where is my dear AF???



    New blog up..would appriciate any input 🙂



    momof2- i have all my hospital braceletts from all the times i was admitted over night or what not, and i have the tape they were measured with.



    Sorry looopy would have been a nice east err surprise but hopefully you were just a bit eager 🙂



    browneyedgirl86 – I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! GOOD LUCK! 🙂



    It breaks my heart to hear about dear little babies getting aborted. It’s so unfair.



    Hey ladies: Damnkat, I had the same diagnoses 7 years ago and after 2 years of paps every 6 months, I didn’t have abnormal results and have been cleared since! I still get nervous when I get a pap yearly but now know how important it is keeping up to date with lady check-ups although they are dreaded! My daughter will get the vaccine and now that they approved it for boys, my son will get one when its time. I really don’t understand why people are against it! If it were to save your child’s life why wouldn’t you!? We vaccinate for other deadly diseases why not HPV which can lead to cancer! Anyways, I hope you will be ok from now on out! sorry dmmarine for feeling crapy! When you testing? I can’t make it past 10dpo to test! Good luck to all those testing soon! I’m in the most uneventful part of my cycle just looking forward till Thursday and I gobble till I wobble 🙂 To everyone outside the US I’m sorry you don’t have Thanksgiving cause it’s one of the best days of the year! You can eat as much as you want with everyone else! And it doesn’t matter if you have a couple pieces of different pies



    also, if any of you use fertility friend as i did when i conceived, it counts the day after your positive opk as 1 dpo. it’s a great site but a little confusing to use at first. fallen – i tested on 10 dpo with an opk it was neg and 11 dpo with a hpt and it was pos. not sure what you are asking exactly.



    shirls I always think that and somehow logic never wins out



    Does anyone know if you took clomid for 6 months then stopped for two months can you go back on it



    Saza – I just saw your message about SO’s smoking at work, I feel you! DH had quit for two years, then started again at work, seems so frustrating that work is the worst place when it comes to resisting temptation for him 🙁

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