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    awww eey- that’s great to hear that your husband is being supportive and helping you get your mind of things. What a great husband you have



    Morning ladies! Congrats mama bri…so exciting! Sorry to hear about the AF’s and BFN’s! Next month ladies! As for me…just twiddiling my thumbs waiting for this 2ww to be over!!



    sorry mcg 🙂 Thanks Diane



    Miley- I know the feeling!! Luckily AF did start to slack off a bit today..up until today she was as bad as CD1. May she go FAR FAR away for the both of us soon!! ..Maybe she’d like a 9 month Vaca?? 🙂



    Well afternoon my way haha 🙂



    dmmarinewife, let them know your ttc, last time I had to do x-rays was around the time we were ttc and they wouldn’t let me do it, but also I didn’t know if I was pg already…



    yeah girl i feel u….my lmp was on july 25 so we bd on those days lol (sry tmi) and and everyday and now every other day…..goooshhhh my vajayjay needs rest! but it sure is fun! lol well good luck hun! keep us posted!!!



    mummy me me- depo is wicked stuff, for me, even after AF finally showed up after a year off it I had AF for 6 weeks straight then every 2 weeks for about 6 mths it wreaked havoc with my body.



    ttcbby1: Sounds SO promising for you too!!


    so what about the liquid diet & such? Is it all worth it? Bc I know ppl who had GB and mourned the loss of enjoying food. Restaurant, home, etc. No gourging, ever. Everybody likes to overeat sometimes :/



    hey E!



    Haven’t been on here in a lil while, but was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this? I had a missed miscarriage at about 51/2 weeks and didn’t find out until 8 weeks and had the d&c the next day. That was six weeks ago today. We had to wait 2 weeks before we could have sex again, then I was sick a few days so it was closer to 3 weeks after the d&c before we started that again. The doctor told me it would take 5-7 weeks for me to get the first period after the procedure. I’ve thought I was going to start for a week now because I’ve had the wishy-washy attitude BAD that normally comes with pms..I usually only get it for a few days before. Normally I have a tiny bit of brownish pinkish spotting exactly 2 days before i start my period, so it’s always predictable..I had a bit of spotting about a week ago but no period yet. I realized yesterday that I’ve been having crazy dreams every time I fall asleep for well over two weeks now..That was how I knew I was pregnant last time, because I dreamed I was pregnant three different times before I finally started to suspect it. So far no pregnant dreams but there has been a random baby in almost every one. I also have had heartburn(only have when I’m prego) tingling in the smaller boob, and I’ve had terrible breakouts on my face like I’m 13 again for several weeks. I usually have a spot or two before my period but this is much worse…I realized all the things at random times but it never concerned me because I know miscarriage can mess with the hormones. Yesterday after I had a headache and felt nauseous from the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke from a toy that my mother in law brought for my son(i had to put it outside to air out..) i started to realize i’m having an aweful lot of prego symptoms and most of which i can’t ‘make up’ or convince myself of just from wishful thinking, if ya know what i mean. so i took a dollar store pee in a cup test and the instant the pee hit the line, BAM..daaark darker pink than the control line. I don’t wanna get excited, because I am worried what if it’s still just that my levels haven’t gone back to zero(5..whatever) since the d&c? I’m pretty sure they should have or I wouldn’t have spotted that little bit.. and if i am pregnant i’m worried i got pregnant again to soon. I so wanna be though. I KNOW–only a doctor can really tell me with the blood test to see if my levels are increasing ect..but i would really appreciate the input from anyone has has been through something like this or has an opinion to share..please? congrats to all the recent bfp’s,may you have a healthy and happy 9 months of bliss..and the ttc’s, blessings of health and fertility, and the strength to keep trying as long as it takes. I hope you all get a great BFP surprise for Christmas! 🙂



    Amber~can’t wait for you to test! Lilpigz and Clara, this will make number 5 for us; however, DD passed away when she was 13 months old so this will make 4 for us here and 1 in heaven, so quite a few for us too. Turtlefur~I agree with LilPigz…having an identity crisis? We told you that we all LOVE the name. Why go and change it?



    Congrats gen



    ASHES: I’m BLAH!! I think I ovulated..which is terrific b/c that means soy worked but i got into a fight with dh and we didn’t BD that day!!!!! We only bded 4 days b4 and day adter!!! I’m sooooooooooooooooooo sad.

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