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    Chinadoll, I googled it and this is what I found: Low blood pressure can definitely effect pregnancy. For a woman who is pregnant, low blood pressure can lead to fainting or dizziness. While fainting or dizziness is generally not too serious of a concern, the risks involved with falling due to dizziness or fainting present a risk to a pregnant woman in that a severe fall could greatly injure her or her baby. Still, low blood pressure is not as serious of a concern for the pregnant woman as high blood pressure is. Low blood pressure during pregnancy is not as common as high blood pressure during pregnancy, either.



    work blows



    i hope we start this bfp train cause its been awhile for anyone in here! hope you make it on as well krissieh!



    yeay LaChica26…



    Love made us- creamy white cm was one of my first pregnancy symptoms with both my boys it started about 8dpo 🙂



    has anyone here taken or is taking clomid?


    Hey ladies, as most of u know got my BFP on 2nd December and I am 4 weeks pregnant…. Anyway, when I was pregnant with my son I did suffer with nose bleeds, maybe one a day during the later part of the first trimester then the odd one here and there throughout the rest of the pregnancy, well literally I have had two heavy nosebleeds yesterday and 3 heavy nosebleeds today including clots, do you think I should be worried as its quite a lot to have in 48 hrs and very early in pregnancy…..



    eeyore, don’t fee down….which I know is not easy. I always get disappointed when I think that I’m pregnant, but I get a BFN. I’m not going to test until Friday either. I don’t think I’m pregnant because I don’t feel pregnant so I’m sure I’m going to get another BFN this month. Hopefully our time will come though. LOTS OF STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE TTC!



    Katmoma- I bet you are crapping yourself 😉 After all this time, to finally have a BFP must be surreal. I know when I got my first BFP after 5 yrs of trying, I honestly couldn’t believe it.



    LC- yes it is horrible! everytime i think about it, it makes me cry! what horrible people to do that to their kid!! They must burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a good note…. here is a video i made for my daughter newborn-1 years old, if you want to watch it and let me know what you think here is the link…..


    I didnt have a d&c, I miscarried naturally at 5 weeks and within 4 days my HCG levels were down to 3. This is my first miscarriage and I have to other healthy children. Do you know how I would date the pregnancy as I cant remember the day we conceived or can the doctors determine the date from how high HCG levels are? Thanks xxx



    How low does your temp have to drop for a it to be an implantation dip mine went down just a .10 of a degree yesturday does that mean anything



    mommy2one- how exciting I can’t wait to hear the news, from all the symptoms you have been experiencing sounds to me that there is a HIGH chance u may be preggo =) FX, FX, FX, FX & sending sticky baby dust your way!! =)



    I’m 6wks and 3days preggo and have been having a shooting pain on my left side for 3 days now it comes and goes all day. I’m not spotting or anything i’m just curious has anyone else had shooting pain on there left side.. i have read about the ectopic pregnacy and am scared out of my mind that it could be that. i dont go for my first dr. appt till sept 4 but im gonna call monday to see if i can get in any sooner unless someone can ease my mind. i have posted in in the 6week room and have it in the Q&A i’m just freaking out here…Help please



    Taylor – I am so sorry love!!! But your not out yet…keep on testing!! 🙂 mummymeme – YAY!! congrats! We are moving to the weeklies together! Thank you ladies for all your congrats and support over the last 9 months. If it wasnt for you ladies I would not have made it through! Shake shake shaking that tree!! BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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