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    CupcakeMama- I couldn’t of said it better!!!



    I have been trying for our second baby for a year now. I had a miscarriage in August and ended up doing IVF to try and figure out my fertility problems. Turns out I have very poor egg quality for my age and ended up with only one healthy egg to transfer. I didn’t think it worked at all but I tested this morning and I believe it is positive. I hope with all my heart it is true. This has been such a long heartbreaking journey.



    Have any of you that have been on Clomid run into any issues? I am on cycle 4 of Clomid and so far I have only ovulated once (the first cycle) and it appears that I am not going to O this month either.. :\ So I am trying to see if anyone else has had this issue. I think my next step is IVF.



    We’re going to bd tonight. We did the night before last and we’ll do it every other day until a positive opk and then every day for the next 3 days. If I never get a positive opk we’ll just keep going every other day until my cd21 blood work (providing that shows I o-ed, of course)…



    Ty girls. Morder don’t count urself out just yet it’s not over til AF shows. I tested at 13 DPO was neg, tested 14 DPO faint pos and my AF was due today. Sometimes it just takes longer for the hcg lvls to rise enough in ur urine for it to show. Some ppl never get a pos hpt they only find out from blood tests.



    Well im taking my sil to the doctors today ( she’s like 24 weeks) so I might ask him while im in there, he’s a different doctor in a different town, so ill see what he has to say. Iv never had a cycle this long. And after I thought about it, it aint ganna take the tablets just incase there are plenty of women who don’t get + hpt I don’t know iv im one of them or not coz iv never had a + hpt . I had bloods with my daughter.



    Thanks for all the positive comments. You ladies are truly awesome, love seeing the positives out there. As for the BFN ‘s baby dust to you all!



    @ HOPING FOR BABY ROB – us women when it comes to that always get what we want lol. @ MF BROWN – oh ok, my hubby when we started our family told me that he wanted a really big family cause all of his family is really big and if we only have two it will be wierd cause his gma has 11 kids. im like oh hell no im not about to have a big family lol.



    Thanks Kristy n Greener! Good luck CBV,I hope u get a bfp and do awesome on ur dissertation! U getting ur Ph. D? azsmika, I don’t really know about hot yoga but feel like Kristy. Sounds like it could heat ur body too much but we could be totally way off base lol. Good luck though



    Ouch I feel for you that would of been painfull I would get a c-section after 2 of those births im sure it would of taken just as long to heal.



    Jadestar, my daughter was also unplanned and ttc this time around has been a pain in the ass lol I thought it would be easy. I use ovulation prediction kits(opks) to make sure we bed at the right time. I don’t use any charts of my temp or check my cervical mucus yet but plenty of women on the site do that can offer advise. Good luck and welcome! There is also a list of abbreviations on the page to help u! Congrats to the few BFP and to those who are waiting baby dust!!



    Hi babymarmi, HCG doubles every 2 days in a normal pregnancy, although some ladies have had hcg rise (and almost double) and still carried to full term healthy babies,, all labs measure different tho and its best to always consult your dr when it comes to your personal levels of hcg to ensure your on track..good luck!! 😉



    Feeling very emotional today… Got a very active stomach and cramping. Am hoping it is pregnancy related but I’m doubting it. How’s everyone else doing? I still can’t test for a week. #dragging



    tahlia – not sure if it works for everyone, but what I have tried is lying down and breathing deeply and counting down from 100, then take your temp, it should be pretty close to accurate, at least it is for me.



    question??? AF wasn’t due intil 3more days but AF came is so strong never bleed like this before 2days ago & still bleeding. Also the cramps are out this world. OMGosh. Never had this happen at all. I called made an doctor appt. Can’t get in there intil dec ugh! I think I’m having an MC becuz I never bleed that bad. Before. Also its clots here & there. I just can’t wait to see my doctor in dec. To see what’s going on inside of me. If it gets too bad ill go to the ER. The pain comes & go so we will see. Praying things goes well

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