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    I think the best thing u can do then is test first thing in the morning if u r preg it should show up now with gnu xx



    So when the monitor asks for a test – do you poas and put that through the monitor or just type in the information? Have no clue on how these things work lol.



    Thankyou madelmar17. I will do 🙂



    mommy2bently and wends- I am with you, time is going soooo slowly!! I am about 12 DPO, I am gonna test tomorrow morning. I need advice, are FRER or EPT +/- better, as in which is more sensitive?



    Hey ladies if I don’t start by Friday I’m going to test again and if its neg I’m going to go demand a blood test at my docs office. I hope there is nothing wrong with me:/



    Aw nuts on the BFNs! Hang in there ladies – as so many have wisely said before: the perfect sperm will come along to meet the perfect egg to make the perfect baby soon!



    Lyla2010 – You should always get a positive OPK every cycle. I read that if hormones are doing their job, your body will always experience this sudden increase in LH. You might or might not ovulate, that’s another issue, but the LH rise is present every month. Is very sudden and might last from a few hours to a couple of days in common cases. That is exactly my situation and that’s why I know. I get my LH rise every cycle, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, because my cycles are irregular. I just know that I don’t ovulate every month. This cycle I took Soy to make help trelease a strong egg and I certainly did (now I’m just hoping we catched it). To regulate cycles they also recommend Vitex. And if the issue is length of the Lutheal phase, then they recommend B6 (please always check and research yourself and talk to your Dr – I’m not a doctor by any means) just sharing what I have learned the hard way. I hope this helps Hun! GL for you!



    Thanks tahl and diane! Hopefully af will be here full-force sometime today so I can move on to the next cycle. I hate being in limbo!



    Hey ladies, 8 dpo today. At least I think I am, at this point im not really sure. Trying not to go out and buy a test. Anyone feel crampy around 5 dpo? Usually I dont have cramps until AF shows up. Anyway, just got back from a small vacation with my fam and gained 6 pounds! Holy crap I ate alot! haha.. Hope everyone has a good day!!



    i wish there was something that said ‘you will get pregnant when you do or use this. Guaranted’ lol



    Kristy – The only thing that I did different was that I did not track anything. In the past months, I would track everytime we BD, CM, OPKs, etc. We had even been using preseed for months. Maybe it happened because I relaxed a little? Im not sure but Im just so happy that it finally happened! Baby dust to you and all of the ladies in the TTC forum!



    Mama, I basically always start and finish my af with brown spotting



    So I’m not sure of my cycle yet…if I’m on a 29 probably 30 …so I’m guessing I’m some where between… cycle not sure. My April period was the…14..then my mmay period was the I assumed I was on a 30 day cycle…it being the 13 today I tested this morning and go a bfn….HELP MR LADIES…did I test to early and should I wait since I don’t realy know my cycle…



    I’m on cd 24 today and we weren’t really trying this month, so i have no clue if or when i ovulated and i haven’t done my temps in awhile, plus our house has been sick for 3 weeks so it probably wouldn’t be accurate anyways. I can’t wait for the next month. Maybe i’ll get lucky this month, who knows. I still have my final blood test today or tomorrow regarding progesterone levels.


    Lol, I just got reaaally excited!! 😛 I’m testing with a first response tomorrow at 12dpo well – FX’d for darker lines!!

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