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    amcmom – welcome! Our daughters are 2 days apart! We are also TTC #2. Good luck to you!


    how long does LH surge stick aroung for? its showing up on my opk were going to BDing every night till it goes…how long will it be showing up on the opk sticks?



    cd7 today and like no af! Better get started! :0D



    btw I’m a religious person but i dont think he should have said that. He’s not being professional. He needs to leave his personal opinion at home



    just wondered if anyone can help ive been on the pill for six years i stoped taking it last month and my periods were very regular before i was due over a week ago and been having period pains for the past week but nothing has happened has any one else had this x x



    LKDream- I hope it works for you! It is also good to know there is nothing wrong on your part. When I finally conceived, I had just started a 12 week bodybuilding program and was eating clean, had switched to almond milk instead of skim and basically fell pregnant within 2 weeks of starting this. I’m not sure if it helped or not, but it seemed to work for me.



    Good Luck luvababe! My fingers are crossed and toes too. =)


    AF came today… a day late with a vengeance. When she didn’t come yesterday I was so hopeful that I’d wake up today and get a bfp but was met by AF instead…. Going to try again in Sept. Good luck and congrats to those who have gotten their BFPs!



    I know that Maddux and most recently, Melbourne – got BFPs between 6 – 8 DPO – they do indeed happen!



    HELP! 17 dpo, lots of symptoms but all BFNs.. WTH?!?!
    Hi everyone! I’m a total newbie here & need help/advice PLEASE! 🙂
    This is my 1st TTC & BBT chart. I’m CD34, approx 17 dpo (I think.. Still having trouble reading my chart!), and am getting nothing but BFNs 🙁
    I’ve developed symptoms over the past week & a half, none of which I’ve EVER experienced before. Last week my nipples became super sensitive & very sore and hard ALL the time. They’re still sensitive, but not painful. I’ve had severe day & night-long nausea for just over a week and now have it mild-moderate in waves more in the a.m. Lost my appetite, sleep all day, exhausted by 7:30 but restless all night w/crazy vivid dreams & getting up to pee more often than usual. I get dizzy lots & am forgetting everything, I’m moody, always seem to have a headache, am gassy & very bloated. My lower tummy & uterus area feel heavy and full, get sharp pains & twinge sensations off and on in both sides, seems like more in the left though and feels like tugging/pulling! Very crampy/bubbly and today started getting a really weird rapid fluttery/tugging sensation just under my belly button, off and on since around 11 am. NEVER had any of this before!! Oh and AF is a no show now for about 4 days now. My doc said I’m not pg b/c blood test was neg, but I just ‘feel’ pg! Could my doc be wrong?? Can someone look at my chart & give me some advice? Thanks in advance!



    Goodluck Amos *hugs* fingers crossed you get your BFP… hope AF stays away and that your HCG levels are just too low to show up yet… took 2 weeks after i was late for my son to show up so theres still hope till AF arrives



    Af 6 days late and counting…. I don’t have an appointment til Friday ;(



    turtlefur – That chart is looking good:-)…pink-stork – a few of us had that same type AF this last cycle. Mine was only 3 days versus the normal dragged out 7, but it was 3 days of God awful cramping and bloody mess,lol. Then *poof* it was gone completely that night….TaylorTTC- I think 13dpo would be an accurate result as long as you use FMU.



    Hi ladies! Back from vacation, had an awesome time with my family! My kids were rotten the whole time! Well I waited to retest……BFP!!! Posted a pic, its the very last one. Its super dark! No mistaking it! Im about 5 weeks, due June 18 or so. I’ll see ny dr next week. I cant believe I will have 4 kids under age 4 @ age 26! I must be outta my damn mind! I just pray its a girl so I can be done!! Good luck everyone waiting to test!



    I agree with Lil.pigz I’m sure someone was saying the digi tests arn’t as sensative as some other tests still keeping everything crossed (hubby has man flu so no bding for me until weekend)

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