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    Eee, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off! With hubby away there are chores to do that he usually does, and it’s piling up!


    CRAZY~~ yes it would be great it would mean we got it our first month but I really dont know how my cycels are since I really havent been keeping up with them. This is just going by a 28 day cycle. I thought I O on that tuesday but now thinking I may hace O on that Friday (no we didnt BD bc hubbie was out of town) So it would have to stayed from Tuesday which is highly possible I guess. So that would put me at a 31 day cycle which could be [possible but I dont think I am much past that. We will wait it through the weekend I guess. Monday I had a blood test done it was a BFN but I am thinking it could have been a little early if I didnt O til friday. The line this mornign was REALLY faint and I could be seeing stuff I will put it to the hubbie check this evening!



    Saza – thanks a mill its good to have this site to come on to for a bit of support-nobody knows we are trying so it can be kinda hard to not have anyone to talk too x hope you are well 🙂



    proud – it all depends on how much hcg the test detects, i dont think cb are designed to be used for early detection & so maybe u r still pg which is why u had faints on the others, esp if the others were more sensitive, test in a couple of days if still no AF, HCG double every 2- 3 days



    hello hello


    Me3 are you getting postives???


    SARAH- I think you’ll get your bfp.



    thanks Di



    Nikki-We will be waiting to hear your good news confirmed on Friday!!!



    if i got pg this cycle i would be due july 8, 2011 🙂



    Can anyone help?

    My last period was on March 9, I had sex on March 23, I normally ovulate around this time. I started bleeding on the 27th, 1 1/2 week early (very light and dark) for 4 days. Then around the 1st I started having cramps for one day, I felt light headed and dizzy. I took a test on April 2, it was negative. Was it too early to test? Could I still be pregnant? I am thinking that my period should have come on April 5 (28 days later as it normally does).



    Hi Ladies, good luck to all trying and trying and trying. I have an off topic question, my husband’s little sister is getting married and has a wedding shower before the wedding that I am invited a girl thing. Can I give the present we got for them at this? The present I love giving is 3 bottles of wine all spaced out to be aged perfectly for their 1st anniversay, 5th and 10th. But since they aren’t married yet should I give something else at this wedding shower? answer on my site, thanks



    I will have to think of a really good gift to ask Santa for since he’s not bringing my baby! On to a New Year’s baby!!! I’m feeling frustrated today. Any new BFPs???



    Congrats for all the BFP’s!!!



    It is all so confusing, because I heard a bit of both.
    For me, I always get a brown discharge and spotting 2 days before I start bleeding, so, do you think it would matter whether that is day one or not? since this always happens?
    I probably shouldn’t be looking into it THAT much, but I am going away for 4 days either right when I’m ovulating, or right after I ovulate (depending on what my day 1 is…) I guess it would be nice just to have a definitive answer…soo confusing, I wish there wasn’t so much conflicting information!

Viewing 15 posts - 26,491 through 26,505 (of 131,346 total)

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