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    So sorry to hear that damncat, I hope to see u bacjk super quick, coz more than likely ill be here 🙂 gl hun and hope all will be ok, thinking of u and ur family x



    I had to come full circle on testing early. I used to test early, just because I could not wait. Then I had an early miscarriage, so I swore I would never test early again – I would rather just not know… then the ectopic pregnancy happened, and since then because I am at an increased risk of it happening again, I have to test early just to make sure I have nothing happening before 10 DPO – just in case! Now ladies, don’t freak out if you get a BFP before 10 DPO! Ectopic pregnancy is really pretty rare (like 4% of pregnancies) so if you do get an ‘early’ BFP, don’t think something is wrong. Your eggie likely just made it to the uterus super fast 🙂



    Sherwanda – The cough syrup thing is quite simple. All you do is go to the drug store and get cough syrup with the main and ONLY ingedient ‘guaifenesin’. You can also get guaifenesin tablets over the counter at the pharmacy if you do not like the tast of the syrup. You take it 3 times a day from the minute af goes away to about 2 days after ovulation. All it does is loosens up your cervical mucus to make it easier for hubby’s sperm to travel to the egg. I started the cough syrup method this month only and I am currenlty almost 5 weeks pregnant. I dont know if it works for everyone but it sure worked for me 🙂 hope this helps! SEnd me a message if you need anymore info.


    yea eyy- its hard for me to buy into ‘its not your time yet and theres a plan’ stuff. I’m like well when the heck is my time. Let me see my freakin plan lol. Ughh its hard

    Marie- I still look at baby things too. It’s not weird at all. If that’s what helps you then keep at it



    cd24, caved and tested this morning, BFN. ha, still have hope until AF shows though. CONGRATS TO ALL THE BFPs!!!



    the first day of my af was the 4th of this month and I did it untill the 10th and did bd on14th and 15th of this month



    aww- it just sux cause the fact my boobs are super sore by now every month b4 af, i can even lay on them they swell up like and extra cup size where this month nothing….


    warwickbaby – If you find any good information on getting pregnant with a boy let me know. I would love to get a boy next time



    dmmarinewife I just went to the dentist yesterday 1dpo and asked them to skip the xrays, they did ask why and I said we are TTC and was fine with it. Speak up and don’t do anything your uncomfortable! My husband had an appointment and got his xrays a couple days before right when I was Oing and BD and didn’t realize it! I hope it doesn’t affect his swimmers! I got nervous when he told me. Does anyone know any info on sperm being affected or genetic material?


    For those of you that are trying for baby #2…How old is your first baby?


    Hello again, thanks for not welcoming me in… So what is ‘FX’ and ‘fref’? and I don’t know what all you ladies do after BD but I know you’re NOT supposed to lift ur hips in the air! Bc the cervix is round like a doughnut and the lil swimmers will puddle up outside ur cervix instead of going thru it! The best thing you can do is orgasm after BD! The orgasm dips ur fallopian tubes down into the bottom of ur uterus where the swimmers should be. Got me pregnant (oops) lol but over there stands my oops baby eatin some chicken 🙂



    TY diane, hey nothings wrong with this right, i took like 3 tests last night all the frer had faint lines, and the digital said pregnant, but this am the frer is blank…with my fmu whats that about??



    the liquid diet is just hard at first- bc its amind thing. the overeating-hastobe controlled…. i had to do the liquid diet for 3 weeks…but the rewards far surpass the temporary suffering. i went through a period where I mouned where I was depressed about not being able to eat what I want, but you adjust and work around it…it’s not as bad as it seems.



    C: It has been an above average summer as far as the temps go. Humid too. Pretty cool here today though (19C) – wind is north east off the ocean.



    petuniabeth, I haven’t been through that nor am I an expert in the area but I would think that if the Dr said you could expect a return of AF at 5-7 weeks then your hormones should be back to zero or whatever they go to. I think maybe wait a little while longer and test again or go see your Dr just to be sure. I don’t know what the recomended time to start TTC after MC is but I do know I myself am a baby of first O after MC, my mum had a MC right before me and never had another AF so you can have a healthy baby I am proof of that GL to you Fx xx

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