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    em2 – Thank you so much for your suggestions! I will try them out. We used preseed the last 2 cycles, but maybe we just didn’t time it right or something. My bbs are still very swollen and somewhat sore. All my cramps have left. I only had a couple the last 2 days and a lot of cramping this past Tuesday. AF is NOT being funny if I’m not pregnant! Teasing me is not cool. Today I’ve had some ‘cloudy’ spells. I wouldn’t say I was outright dizzy like I was going to pass out, but I feel more cloudy in the head.. kind of like I’m on cold medicine or something. I feel like I sound crazy since I keep getting the BFN. Hopefully a late positive is coming. 🙂



    Yeah i will test prob on monday.. if nothing over the weekend…



    katmoma – NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Motrin, shouldn’t be used during pregnancy because it can cause defects in the fetus and premature births (especially during the third trimester). Hope this helps… 🙂



    Phoenix – Well you know more than me lol. Thanks for that I will have a look at the site. I think I will wait it out as long as I can



    Loopylou I second that last comment! Very quiet indeed but easier to catch up on all the posts when youve been offline for a couple of days hee hee!!!! Still not quite the same without them!



    ttc Pictures, Images and Photos

    sorry this is the last one- i think its cute!



    Hi ladies, I see a lot of you questioning brownish ewcm or cm.. and I had that a streak of it in ewcm the day before I got my BFP, so hopefully you get yours soon!



    Heeeeelllllllloooooooooooooo Lovely Ladies How are you all? I thought I would pop by, and see whats new :o) xxxxx



    Hi my bf and I have been having unprotected sex for a year now and I have been experiencing some weird symptoms. For starters, I am bloated whenever I eat or drink. I have this annoying feeling in the left side of my stomach like a fist is stuck in there but it is only on the left side. I also have gas and hear weird gurgling sounds in my stomach. Please help… I need to know if these are signs of pregnancy. I have taken a million home pregnancy tests but they all come back negative. i dont have any insurance so I cannot go to the doctor. Please if there is anyone out there with a similar situatuion or have some advice… I AM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!



    I use my mobile,so i assume its a problem with my phone,its annoyin i no,sorry ladies is any1 havin a quiet nite in like me,ive gone from 32inches 2 41 on my waist in 3days did that happen 2 any1 else,get 2 wk26,wth not even a bump,then bang,u cant c u feet anymore? Lol x



    heres hoping i get a BFP this month since hubby is going to be working thousands of miles away for 3 weeks over july’s expected ovulation period – hes only been back for 5 weeks after being away for 12! having a part time husband is no help when TTC lol good luck everybody! x



    hi everyone, is anyone else testing around the 31st/1st.. i cant wait.. this month is taking forever



    congrates Tlee hope you have a wonderful pregnancy 🙂



    Have you ever heard of a false positive if you test too soon after you have a baby. I had a baby Oct 24th and I think I am pregnant again… Do I still have the hormones in my body from that pregnancy or would I be okay to take a test? Thanks



    Ok I got my 1st smiley face yesterday at 2pm and got my peak with the egg on cbfm this Morning and another smiley face but jus done another one its 8pm now and still a smiley face its been about 30hrs now is that normal so I’m guessing I ovulate today then very strange last month I only got smiley 1 day and o that same day

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