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    Boring day. I feel like AF is on the way. Baby is sleeping.


    morgandonor – labs often consider a blood pregnancy test negative if the HCG level is less than 50. That’s why he would say come back in a week or so



    thats good then ur lucky then lool am messed up



    Hello all, Day 6 of provera… I can’t wait for AF to show up so I can start my 1st cycle of clomid. Baby dust to all!



    ok, so i have one month of work left!! woo hoo !my last day at the office is the 27th Feb! then we have two months before our move to our new country! i am so excited! mom is there, she has already bought us a camping cot and some toys…April we start to ttc again! after our first year ttc im certainly gonna take it easy and not stress over tests and stuff! dont want to set myself up for dissapointmentS agaiN! we have had a good 10 months free of ttc and its stress… but bring on april and im so ready to give it another go!!! xxx good luck girls!! see u again SOON!! XX



    Will be thinking of u poizin and loopy and anyone else testing I really really hope u get good news fx fx fx fx



    Hey bodobaby, I’m also in my 2ww. Period due around 9th Feb. And my boobs are sore!!!! I get sore boobs with a period though so it might be nothing. Frustrating though it is, I’ll just have to wait and see. I keep looking up the websites for Clearblue Digital HPT’s hoping that I’m gonna read that we can now test 10 days before our period is due, but it never changes! Good luck to you, I hope you get your BFP this month. (and me too).



    Thank you lilmissesmum! I will be sure to BD again tonight just to be safe then we can take a few days off…hahah!



    Manny.. dont worry.. wait a few more days.. AF IS 8 DAYS LATE FOR ME.. and im just starting to get a faint BFP on my test strips.. you and i probably just ovulated late in our cycle..??



    waiting-for-my-angel–Sure looks like a BFP to me! Congratulations!!!



    Dawn- I hope you feel better soon, both Ruby & Kristin are suffering from migraines today.



    kameki – a lot of people have af although they are pregnant. I remember reading it happens in a third of pregnancies. Maybe you should test again???



    Before I go – goalie, I have never had the spotting other than last month but I also had the stabbing pain in my ovaries, since having a baby my body has changed heaps… i dont know much about PCOS but I feel for you… Have you ever tried ovulation kits? Maybe you should BD just in case I’m sure hubby wont mind 🙂



    babybum I got 30 OPKs and 10 pregnancy tests (Wondfo brand) off ebay for less than $6 including shipping! I’ll try and find who the seller was. 🙂



    Its not over till the AF lady shows up… I sooooo thought I was pregnant but I was mistaken just very bad PMS!! Dont give up hope, have you tried HPT yet? When is AF due

Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 131,346 total)

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