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    Hi girls. Family reunion this weekend, then camping for a few days. Hope you all have a great weekend!!



    Welcome WTB! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I O sometime this week but not sure on the exact day. My CP went to low hard and dry and now today it’s high closed soft and moist. For others past O what’s your CP? this 2ww is gonna kill me 😉 test Saturday cause it’s our 6 wedding anniversary but I think it will be still early FX



    Well, ladies I’m going to test for pregnancy tomorrow. I am hoping for my BFP, but just in case I was having an ‘off’ cycle the DH and I BD today because according to FertilityFriend today would be my ovulation day. I don’t chart with BT, but I have regular 28-30 day cycle. Fingers Crossed……*SUPER STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL TTC!*



    For those who track the cervix position when does yours normally drop? Mine has been up since ovulation and still up after AF. Well since i last checked yesterday. I’ll check again later.



    LMAO dd sings along with the lolly-pop dell commercial..toooo funny



    Hi ladies – well ugly witch AF showed up yesterday so that’s me out. Will try again in another 2-3 weeks. It will be my last time trying. If it doesn’t work then I’d rather focus on my DS and make sure he gets everything he needs (not wants). Hope someone gets a BFP soon – FX for you.


    idgal05 – I had ivf to conceive my daughter (now 5 months) and i was told not to do a pregnancy test and to wait to have my blood tested. I couldnt resist and at 12 days dpo i did 2! I thought it was negative and as i picked them up to throw them away i saw the wonderful little pink lines! I did another 2 that night – positive – and another 2 in the morning – positive. By the time i went to the hospital for blood i had done 10! If you have just done one certainly do another. It took 6 years to get my daughter and every month i did 2 tests on the last day of my cycle. I just think if you do two together and they are both positive its very unlikely to be a false positive. I wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope you get those positives.
    waiting-for-my-angel – Hi. If your hubby doesnt want to try artificial methods to time ovulation have you tried just reading your own body? Sorry not to sound patronising or anything its just i dont know if you aware about things like changes in cervical mucous, increased sex drive etc at time of ovulation. Also your temeparture slightly increases a day or two before ovulation. Good luck. :o)



    dm – haha I was like omg I cannot belive she is saying that about her!! lol and amw – GREAT movie!! 🙂



    Blessed – yes…it can be early ovulation? or yes it can all be in my head? haha



    Hi ladies, sorry I have been MIA for the last month. It has kinda been really busy and this month was a take it easy month. Anyways I am currently 9 DPO. I was also really stupid and did a test (the pics are in my photo album) please take a look and see if you can see anything? Thanks in advance



    I wish it was the afternoon here then It would be almost time to go home….lol



    Blessedbee, I googled the affect of x-rays on sperm, most sites say that there shouldn’t be any problems, some men report less sperm and only 1 site said that you should wait if there was no shield protecting the groin area… But like I said, most sites say it shouldn’t be an isssue 😉



    ill wait till august…lmao yeahhh rite well ill try to wait till august…with my 1st child…i think my lmp was april then started to feel symptoms last days of june got a +on july 6…im having lots of headaches that dont go way…a lil’naseated…tired..but i guess uts to early to telll…dont wanna get my hopes, my daughter is now 4…she asking 4 a baby!!! ;(
    i wish it was that easy!



    Damnkat – thanks for your comment, its nice to know i am not alone. I am depressed and swear depo is to blame, it shouldnt be allowed to women who are considering children- am 26yrs old, physically fit and should be at my fertility peak, i feel like i have been cheated 🙁 x



    Oh I am not getting my hopes up.. I actually just went to the bathroom and I have some pink in my CM when I wipe so I just think it is the start of AF

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