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    Well, I am CD 11 today… this is the time that I first tested positive with my previous pregnancies. So, I am hoping that the tests I ordered will arrive today (I stupidly used my last one on CD 9, even though I KNEW it was too early to tell, doh!) so that I can see if anything is happening. I have had some cramping this past week (which happened both times last time) and slightly sore boobs, but will just have to wait and see…… I’m not holding out too much hope at the
    moment, as I O’d later than I expected (Day 21) and we finished BDing at Day 19… I’d just love a little brother or sister for my son!


    Sorry you’re feeling down Lannie. I’ve been hugging my 20 month old, Alyssa to me a lot this season. I see all the newborn babies around and think she may be my last because nothing my dh and I do seems to work anymore. I know I am truly blessed with my 4 kids. I love them all so much. There are so many ladies on here that have not had their first blessing yet that I feel greedy that I want one more.



    Woozie- I would try to test again in a couple of days. I can see where a line was but it looked like it could be an evap line, thats the bad thing about blue dye test. Your still a little early to though so just keep testing.



    Is it really lc ? Haha how funny. Well my bday is the 30th, dfs in in march (3rd month) tahlias is the 3rd, and my step daughter is the 23rd! , tahlia was a suprise to! Wish it was that easy this time round. I got my gyno appointment on friday.



    hey ladies have my u/s today so hopefully they will be able to tell me what’s going on, fingers crossed it is nothing or easy to fix. as for me tested this morning bfn i am only 11 dpo but for some reason I feel bummed about it. shouldn’t have tested now I am all hopefully when I don’t think I am any way. Had some cramping the last 2 days but I am not due for af just yet unless she decides to come early but I never have 2 early cycles in a row. any way wishing you all luck. ****BABY DUST***** have a good day ladies. 🙂



    RubyLove – my cycles are all over the place, and since I have been keeping track, I’ve Oed as early as CD21 and as late as CD45 (the last time I got PG), but the one constant is that AF usually shows up just about 2 weeks after O. Most women dread the 2ww. I dread the wait for O, ’cause I have no idea when it will happen. At least in the 2ww I know what to expect.



    Aww sorry Bean but glad to hear from you.



    Ok I know I mentioned this many times- but today is CD 38, O’ed most probaby on CD31,and I am having the most horrible pains in my hip, and TMI diarrhea again, a lot of white CM..I will NOT test tough..I REFUSE to. So I’m just going to keep myself busy by stalking this site and reading about 2ww symptoms. any symptoms u guys can share would be appreciated. thx!



    Just dropping in to send you all some baby dust .*SHAKE SHAKE* of that dust tree!!!! Good luck to you all!!!



    Mrs.Bolden, after the first child your body is stretched and you show quicker, most of my friends started showing right away with their second, third…pregnancies.



    hey ladies…need some advice please!! af was 4 days late (should have came on may 8 but i didnt get anything til may 11th) af only came for a day and a half(light)…then left took the cramps w her…sharp pains tho kinda stabbin pains on the right side of my tummy…im wondering if it is still a chance im pregnant?



    Thanks for all your lovely support. I will let you all know when I test again. Wishing everyone the best success 🙂



    5dpo today, only 4 days til test day. Yay. 🙂 more than halfway there.


    Thanks for the dust Ashley. I took care of the bd last night but I still might jump my dh tonight for fun. **blushes**



    Oh my gosh I just caved! I tested and i THINK it might be a possitive go check out my latest blog and tell me what you think. NO WAY I dont even believe this!

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