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    i feel the same way LilM


    Newmama..Do you know if there’s a higher chance of mc or anything like that? I talked to my DH about the fact they may prescribe it and he was a little concerned about me taking it and he said ‘ let’s talk about it before you take it’. I’m thinking there’s a good chance they may prescribe it so I’m trying to really make a informed decision. I just feel like there are a lot of women who have been trying longer then me and I don’t want to mess with Mother nature too much. What’s your opinion on it?



    Lol this month seems to be goin so slow for some reason! I havent even O`d yet but dont think im goin to have much luck this month…i will have to jump hubby as soon as he gets here lol kinda hard with DD awake 🙂


    Crazymomma–congratulaitons!! Keep it up. You can do it!



    ecstatic…that sounds very sweet!



    SRM- ok, on OPKs you should be using second morning urine unless the directions say FMU. A woman’s body always has LH but the tests are looking for a surge of it. I always have 2 lines, but when I got my surge the control line was AS DARK AS or DARKER than the test line. And my surge lasted all day CD 11 and 12. I Oed CD13. Check out or ask if you need anymore info! Good luck chica!!!


    Amy BFPs yet today? I hope we get lots today!



    @monica-is the test line as dark or darker than the control line? If it is then it is a + test. If it is lighter then it is not +. I just got a positive test this morning and I will be posting a pic in a bit if you want to take a look.


    LMAO cleo – we even know its about 5 mins from now



    heres hopin kent lol


    hi cleo did you not put pics up of your big +++++++++++++ when i get my bfp its going to be splatered all over my page lol



    the pregnancy tests arrive and i decided to use one… BFN!! ok, so i should test next week when my period is actually due but i was reaaaaaaally hoping! argh! BFN is so disappointing!!



    Is drinking a few beers a big no-no?? We are going to a arena football game tonight and i was wondering….im not a heavy drinker but its beautiful outside, DH is mowing the grass, and he b ought one of those single beers at the store for himself 🙁



    what is poas?



    thanks LilMrsK, just a bit confused.

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