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    hopingto…I have the sore nipples as well… is more sore than the other…..hoping all these sore nipples lead to BFP…FX!!!!!!!



    lol…..i can’t stop laughing at the soy sauce!!!


    Oh, and I’ve been told by my OB absolutely NO to flaxseed while pregnant. You might want to check, with your OB just to be safe.



    Hi Ladies just popping in to shake shake shake and give out lots of baby dust to you all. Just remember dont give up… I mean i still cant believe that i am pregnant. I prayed every moment just think positive and say I will be pregnant by …….. and it will happen.



    lilpa we should test together but i have to wait till wed. i am waiting for my tests in the mail. i am 7/8 dpo also


    well tonight is a negative…but i have been drinking ALOT of water. My pp was clear…lol. I will update with my FMU test in the morning!!! thanks ladies!!!



    Oh insomnia how I despise you! I don’t know what my cd is I forgot when af is post to show up. But I have been crying over everything latly boo to hormones too.



    how long are your cycles knuckles77 ?? i have a long LP so the 2ww sucks for me lol.



    so af just came. very upset about it, so cd1 for me. and i so thought i was preggo cause this cycle was 39 days long! hope next months i gey my bfp. baby dust to everyone


    wow eey- your situation sounds similar. My husband and I only recently got married actually like a week and a half after the miscarriage. We had dated all throughout high school and then we broke up after we lived together for 2 years and dated other people because we thought we werent in love with eachother…actually it was more so me that felt that way. but we always hung out and the love was still there and so we got back together and 3 weeks later i was pregnant. It’s funny how life works. Now even after the miscarriage im so happy to be married to him and live a long and loving life with him


    Dm- yeah was prescribed lol. We can’t get Clomid from our docs here in the UK we can only get it after we have seen a gyno and been referred to a fertility specialist which takes about 2 months before ur even seen. And also in the UK if u have regular cycles u won’t get referred untill u have been ttc for 1 year,but coz I got pcos and have irregular periods we got referred after 8-9 months, everything is so slow over here, but were obviously quite lucky we got the National Health Service here.


    blech sorry everyone..i had to clean my sink out and then i had to feed the 2 kiddos…after i got sick i’m STARVED…i havent felt like eating anything all morning



    Congrats Duffy! That’s a BFP! Hope you have a H+H 9 months!



    went to the dr today. i was diagnosed with pcos…. relieved tht it is not something impossible to work with. just need to lose some weight, and mayb in a month or two ill go back after i think and research on clomid and pcos. does any1 have any advice or experience?


    rachele- I had that same spotting after i stop my birth control back in the start of October thought for sure it was implantation bleeding but I tested and got bfn several times since and still no period maybe its something with stopping the birth control

Viewing 15 posts - 27,676 through 27,690 (of 131,346 total)

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