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    Ya, trying is beyond stressful. I almost feel guilty that I have always been so fertile. This will be baby #4, & I have three boys. So yes, we want PINK! I have even.thought about being a surrogate in the future, I absolutely love pregnancy and babies!! Hopefully this is your month too 🙂 june baby would be awesome too!



    now i just have to hope and pray that i get my baby girl that i want 🙂



    Waiting for the next 3 1/2 hrs to fly by so I can spend some quality time with the DH…I keep telling myself its going to happen this month I just have the confidence….Saying my prayers. How long have all of ya’ll been trying. I’m 23 and my hubby and I havn’t prevented pregnancy for 3 yrs now we’ve really been trying for the 2 yrs we’ve been married only in the past 6 mths has my cycle been normal though. So hopefully thats a good sign.



    AF where are youuuuuuuuuuuu? So I POAS on AF’s due date, and BFN. I had cramping start that day, so I thought AF would be here. Temps are still up and CP still closed. Thinking another test may be in order later. Oh myyyy!! 17 DPO.


    Congratulations to all the bfps!! I am making myself wait to test tomorrow. My af is suppose to arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed and praying it doesn’t show. I feel so pregnant i am just worried its all in my mind like every other month.. this month feels different though.. good luck to you all.. hope to see everyone get there bfp!!



    Thanks di,, well gyno wants two bloods a week apart that is less than 2 for him to be able to assist with ttc after next af…im going to try to chill (as he said i was stressed, i call it taking control of my body and working out how to play its game) and just get jiggy with it a lot now i am off work until jan…lets hope hey. 😉



    I think I got a positive!!! AHH! Gonna post a pic here soon so please let me know what you think!



    I tip my hat, and smile with joy! Congrats to well-deserved bfps!



    In my 2 ww for this month. I have been having some cramping and sore bb’s but I suspect that it’s just hormone related due to weaning my 13 month old. Praying that this is my month! My husband leaves for more training next month and likely be gone for a good chunk of time in January and February so it will only get harder for us to TTC after this month :-/



    ok im due af anyday now i have had slight cramping on and off, my cervix is low with creamy mucus (sorry if tmi) so what do you all think, af going to show or maybe pg? x


    ty hunni!!!



    She’s 50. It all started because we went to a dinner at a church and she was there. We had been having problems with her since she was trying to get him to divorce me and take my son away. So we walk into the dining area and she just gives my DH a nasty look, so we just find a table away from her and sit and enjoy our turkey dinner. She got mad, started crying and left because he didn’t come and say hi to her. She is crazy. You can’t give someone a go to hell look, and then expect them to come over and kiss your a$$ afterwards. She’s warped. My DH and I both have PTSD from being in the war in Iraq and to tell him that he was dead, that he died over there, is a really really really messed up thing to do to someone.



    Mommlove: yes I did…..
    Strong smelling urine
    Tingly breasts…………….

    9dpo pm
    Darker areola
    Tingly breasts …………..

    Strong urine am
    Itchy nipples
    Wet feeling (maybe watery discharge)
    Slight cramps here there 
    Light dizziness 
    Nausea starting 5pm……… Then 11dpo I got Bfp



    well good luck to you LC! sorry to hear of your loss! I did try looking at they have some cheep tests.



    zuzka — sorry to hear about your dad as well…I know that 3 months is a very short time ago. I am sure our dads will be watching over us. Because that’s what girls’ daddy’s do 🙂

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