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    So, were you getting the BFN first then faint BFP and then BFPs in that order? Or were they mixed in? Did you get the BFPs with a better test than the BFNs?



    Cleo – Don’t wait to get invited! Make your own plans, and invite someone else you goof!



    ooh Congrats loving mother and wife! yay. ty for the update crazy how have you been doing?



    Cherry-what was for dinner tonight? I had baked chicken and rice with veggies….and then made dessert but am waiting to share that with my DH whenever he gets back.


    proudwife…ya always another month!! good luck



    cd 15 here


    has anyone ever heard of a blood test being wrong well maybe too soon?? I am suppose to start today I dont feel it at all. I had my blood work done on Monday and it was a BFN. I am thinking maybe my cycle is just a little longer than what I thought, but usually I haveAF symptons several day before I start and still NOTHING, MY BBs always hurt and they dont. What do you ladies think?



    how do you plan on telling the rest of the family? I’m having trouble with that one as my mom can sometimes be inadvertantly negative



    SRM- Actually, most tests say to test around 2pm. But anytime from 10am-10pm should be fine just not FMU. Oh and I didn’t hold for 4 hours. I waited 2 with nothing or little to drink and they were positive the whole day (every two hours! bahahaha!)



    Bexy-I’m testing on the 14th too! It’s taking forever!



    alex.aarons- that is fantastic! I’m really happy for you!


    how many comments on 0 mins lol



    Hiya Ladies, just catching up with you all! @weegee – nearly, nearly there!!! Get BDing!!!



    Thats good then…i guess i will have to wait until i get my full work up to see whats goin on…also i want to track this cycle to see what happens even tho im not TTC, would yesterday have been CD1 for me? And me and hubby r not using b.c so what do u think will happen if we BD? What r my chances of getting preg again?


    OMG Terra ..l.congrats to you !!!! It had to have been those positve opks!!! makes me wonder if I was pending an implantation than considering i had positve opks for 11 dpo… anyways counting today as CD1 as AF is now here at full tilt …. totally ok with it as it just means that we get to try again!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 28,021 through 28,035 (of 131,346 total)

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