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    if anyone wants to answer me i wanted to know if when a woman is pregnant if she is easier to get the flu ?


    gotta go. DD is crying. Have a great day ladies! Talk to you later!



    This last line The next afternoon, the doctor confirmed it: 7 weeks pregnant. WOO HOO!!! What do you have to say about that all ye doctors who prepared me for years of infertility!!?? ‘ seems a little ominous now though, huh? Oh well! I was blessed to have him, and infertility has indeed struck me for number 2, but I shall prevail no matter what! Smile on!



    lol….If I only have one I would be happy. My aunt can’t have kids and my first pregnancy was a chemical one,so I’m hoping its not genetic. She’s the only one out of her brothers that can’t have kids



    Question for you ladies: So, my husband and I aren’t TTC yet – we’re close to agreeing to, but are waiting until our son turns 2 in early October. But last night, which happened to be the day after I ovulated, we had an oops when the condom slipped off. It looks like from the ovulation calendar/fertility chart that the day after ovulation is too late. Is it? I am hoping this oops works out, since I’m ready to TTC #2. Thanks for your help!



    Hello, how are you?



    donna : If you had a longer cycle, you can pretty much guarantee that you o’d later. as your cycles are extended in the first part of your cycle and generally not the last part. This is your luteal phase which is generally consistent .To give you an example. I generally have short cycles. 25 -26 days. But last month it was 30ish days ( I wasn’t keeping track until the last part ) My ovulation symptoms REALLY STARTED SCREAMING on July 15. Somewhere around cd17 . Anyway, this month, Fertility Friend ( and a positive OPK has me oving on cd 11. Anyway between cd 11-13. My cycle looks to be coming to a close. Today is 13dpo. I have a 14 day Luteal phase. AF hasn’t showed yet but if she is coming I expect her in the day or so. Which would put me right back on track. Hope this helps.



    Blydans- I was wondering about antibiotics also- I think I have a ear or throat inection for sure but I didnt go to the doc , because i know hel;l give me meds.. I dont think it would afect conceving, but Im wondering what if u dont know ur preggo and take it?



    AF was due yesterday still no show…did have some pink tinge on TP once today so wondering if she is just stauling for some reason! I have had such a terrible headache all day & tylenol is not touching it! very odd for me! I am gonna hold off on testing again for a couple of days & if AF has not showed by wed I will prob test thur morning! My right boob has been hurting on & off today & I found a lump on it & it hurts when I touch it so I will be setting up an appointment to have it checked! Hopefully it is nothing!



    So what does CM look like once you do become PG?? I read all about what it should be like while TTC, but nothing about after conception occurs…



    BFP/BFN – big fat positive/negative pregnancy test … O – ovulation … EWCM = egg white cervical mucous – the fertile stuff we strive for! BD = the baby dance! S.E.X.!!! ……..FF – a site many of us use to track our cycle…. CD – cycle day …. DPO – days past ovulation, the second half of your cycle .. AF = aunt flow, the dreaded period …. hmm, what am I missing?



    lol, I’ve added my first name to my username, ‘take two’ is what I’m doing, not who I am 😉 not yet anyway, heh heh – don’t want to get too carried away!


    cd17–very crampy today.



    Why don’t we do Friday or Saturday then….If you cave you cave it you wait you wait. Is that good enough?



    The wondofo strips gave me a bfp before frer did

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