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    @loving mom & wife – was reading through your blogs there, todays symptoms sound very promising! I would try & hold of taking a HPT as long as you possibly can so that you’ve got less of a chance of getting a false neg, babydust!



    Right on Sarah! Let’s get a BFP for that chihuahua too 😉



    way to go emma31! at last!! so does that mean your O date will either be tomorrow or wed then? BD BD BD!!!!! lol i would do it for the next 3 or 4 days, if you can…!


    good luck excited hope everything goes well for u this month



    diane i tested on saturday, 3 days ago, and got a bfn. i have some 20mIU internet strips at home but don’t know if they will work at this point. AH!!!


    Good Morning everyone! Diane, I thought you were testing on the 13th!!! LOL


    mommysprice–you might want to test in a couple of weeks! ;-P



    Guess what…? Its my last day in week 4!!



    another bfn this morning. spotting again very light. thanks for the replies to my last question. but I have a feeling that it’s all in my head again.. I still have hope. I think AF is coming her way now. I feel kinda crampy and moody and clean-freak mode which is good because the cleaning is keeping my mind off things.



    lisa im sorry to hear that, i really hope everything turns out ok…..fingers crossed for you, gl…



    Morning Ladies..:) Trust you all had a good weekend..:):) going to have a read and see what’s been going on..:)


    The ends of my nips have been feeling sore…….



    Hey Mrs Bugs, yes def check. At the moment its high and soft…



    Ok, well my test this morning was negative. I thought I would wait till april to take another test and ended up starting this afternoon. Yes there was slight disappointment but a sense of relief too. My husband is 51 and I am 35; he has two daughters from a previous marriage (30 and 23) and we have one daughter (9 yrs old); additionally, we also have 4 grand daughters. I do want another child but he says he is tired and does not want more children. I worry about my daughter being an only child; I also think that she is already 9 yrs old…a new sibling will not make that much difference in her life right now. I had mentioned in an earlier comment about pre-ejaculation…that is about the only way I would end up pregnant at this point. I do not want to put pressure on him plus I am fixing to graduate from college with my Associates Degree in Accounting and want to start my home business…plus…i take care of 2 babies during the day. Although my plate may be full, that missing piece of the puzzle is another baby…is this all in my head?…



    Thanks =) Yeah, like I said, I don’t normally track CP. I’ve done it a few times randomly, so I do know that when I got pregnant last, my cervix never dropped after ovulation, and I do know that generally (but not definitely) my cervix drops back down about a week and a half to 2 weeks before EAF. So I find it odd that I supposedly ovulated, my cervix dropped for 1-2 days, and now it has risen again to the point of disappearing. I can’t take it to the bank, but my guess is that this month was a success. FX, but we’ll see!

Viewing 15 posts - 2,866 through 2,880 (of 131,346 total)

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