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    does anyone else who already has a least one child change their mind a lot about ttc? some days i think how bad i reallllllly want a baby, but then nights like tonight i question myself. Forest (8 months old) is having a TERRIBLE night, he has already woken up 4 times since he has been to bed and its only 12 and he went to bed at 9. he is really not feeling well. and i have to ask myself, how would i do this if i had ANOTHER baby to take care of too? one in each arm? lol………ahhhhh to ttc or not



    irish-im with u! the day of ovulation my nipples hurt like crushed glass and still do and im day 5 past ovulation…i was wondering if it was a early sign too..good luck to both of us and our sore



    Lia20- I didn’t really have food cravings while pregnant, there was stuff I found myself eating more off but nothing that I would ‘kill for’ or send my DH running to the store. If you think about it, you crave certain foods even when you aren’t TTC, it’s our bodies way of telling us we need a certain vitamin, mineral, etc.


    HI ladies.. this was my frist month trying to concieve a gril and I used the OPK which read positive on then 7th. 8th, and 9th… My lmp was June 26th and BD a lot until Monday the 5th (because I was told if you have sex a few days before you ovulate you’ll most likley have a girl)…. the OPK’s say that you will O within 12 and 36 hours of a positive.. my question is will you still get a surge while ovulating or only before??? it’s all very confusing.. I feel like I’m pregnant because of my BB’s and I’m so tired.. but I could also be making myself have symptoms because I have three kids and know what it feels like. Do you think if I ovulated after the surge on Sat. the 10th (5 days later) that any of the spermies would still be alive in there?? lol.. I’d love some feed back.. I’m not due for AF until next week so the waiting is killing me!!!



    CRYSTAL is there anyway you oed early and missed the surge??
    High soft,open cervix is a sign of ov or early pregnancy and so is pink spotting….you never know im having troubles with my opks too as we have discussed in my blogs id just bd bd bd !!!to make sure right lol???



    Smashley89… Sounds promising, test !!! Ps are you aware that caffeine has links to miscarriage? My friend at work was a heavy coffee drinker and suffered 3 early miscarriages all first trimester then stopped and hey presto next one is now a bouncing 2 year old!!



    LADIES- Thank you to everyone who was so great and supportive my first and only month of trying. Even though it did not happen for me I am OK with it. I hope to not see any of you still stuck on this page when I try again in 6 months. I send tons of happy positive thoughts to everyone of you. I will still be on off and on in the next 6 months though.



    Congrats to you on your BFP Jamie!



    Does anyone get soreBBG’s when they O. I notice at O time I do. But now I am sore on and off. I feel soreness at times Anyone??? Cleo you????



    Welcome Sagira!


    Ladies im off to get some sleep as its 11pm here hope everyone has a good day/evening cya tomorrow x


    i just started my cycle today so cycle day 1 fore me here and then tomorrow i get to start my 100mg of clomid ,,,,,,,,very excited about that then gotta go by some fertility perdictor kits!!!!! well ill keep u ladies updated…….



    Hey all! Well my computer is still broken so I am still limited but I wanted to pop in and give my update!! I think I just had implantation bleeding so I am going to test on Sunday! But not tell dh till valentines day as that’s our anniversary ! OR it could be evil AF really early! I need lots of baby dust!!! LOL hope u are all well and will see u more in 4 days when my computer gets home! Bags of baby dust to all!!!



    I got brown mucus today and yesterday. I guess I am 3 and 4 dpo. It’s is brown but I don’t want to read into that too much, but does that mean anything?



    Cleopatria and others I just was wondering, (perhaps I’m doing it a bit wrong) why do some of you test so many times after getting a + opk? For answer it says as soon as the line is same color as control OR darker you have detected your surge. So either way you know it is only going to get darker-maybe in the next few hours, and that day plus the text day is the most fertile time. It seems there must be something awry to get 5 or so days of a positive opk..or maybe not? I think I will test more to see- maybe I’m expecting it too soon with two, only similar lines.

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