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    Bittersweet moment – my bestfriend is preggies – the irony is, our DS and her DD only differs by ‘weeks and are both currently 7. We had such fun that time. And always spoke bout how great itd be if we could b pg together again. Funny thing is – I fell pg in Aug lAst year, but lost baby and Almost my life due to a ruptured ectopic…..not me or her were plAnning it so its so weird that it happend to both of us same time agAin…but I am SUPER XITED for her non the less.



    whoo hoo!! we are in the 2ww together i think!!! my temps went up (not much but i was drinking last night and they usually go down when i drink!) so i think i have O’d as well yesterday at cd22 (same as a couple months back)



    vonne0311- i did, with my second son. i hadnt had a period in 8 months so my dr gave me proveria to bleed. the next month i was going to start clomid, but didnt need to cause the proveria worked by itself! good luck!



    28 pages…from over the weekend? I don’t get on during the weekends. I usually just check my inbox.



    I took a HPT this morning knowing it was probally too early to test. But as most of you know, I was too ancy. BFN. duh! Well, I’ll take one every day untill AF arrives.


    woooooo hooo! i just found out something kinda neat…if i am pg then id be due on my gmas bday.



    bcalove – Yay! Congratulations!!



    Morning everyone. Where’s everyone in there cycle today? Im cd5 with af back in action since last night but went a hole day without her. LC & Duffy how was the weather last night? So windy and raining, was a bad trip home from work trees all over the road (but I like in the bush haha)



    Ok so I’ve felt like I was getting my period today but nothing. So after work tonight I took another pg text and a faint pink line appeared! My dh can’t see it so we are going to wait for fmu and test again. Things that make me believe I am pg GASSY my coffee tastes funny I was tired at work tonight and it was only 8:30. I’ll post tonights test and the fmu test strip in the morning night all


    anyone think its possible to have swollen boobs 2-5 days after ovulation?


    My temp rose this morning, so I really think I did O yesterday, we BD last night and the night before, are we safe? Or shall we BD tonight just in case?


    I don’t go to the gym though…have lot’s of knee problems due to sports injuries when I was younger.



    WOOHOO! 10dpo and i got a BFP!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!



    I’m there now too Eeyore



    Hey Carmen, couldnt help to noticed that your also from sunny SA. i stay in Johannesburg…im now 5DPO and also jus prodding along praying n hoping thier’s a sticky bean thier 🙂

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