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    Chelsea – idk but best of luck to you. Maybe wait a week or so and if AF stil has not shown then go for a blood test. Mommytoanl – I am sorry that you have an uncooperative husband. I hope he steps his game up!! I hope to see you back! ZZ – So sorry for AF…I am currently CD 2 as well! Amw – I hope she stays far far away! What kind of test did you take yesterday?



    i think im going to start charting my temps and using the OPK’s from the dollar store next month then



    dm, they sound like some of my symptoms when I got my BFP! I have a list of all the ones I had in a blog on my page! 🙂 Brandy, FX for you sweetie. <3 katmomma!!! HUGE congrats!!!!! I hope to see all of you moving on soon… bring those new year's eve BFP's IN ladies!!!!!!!!!!



    Ah i’m going nuts lol. Well i’m about 10-11 dpo..would it be ok to put a tampon in? I don’t have any panty liners or pads..tmi but i just have toilet paper on my undie’s to see if it continue’s or i’m confused!!



    dmmarine – lol at bd at 1am I could so see myself laying there like you explained!! Tick tock tick tock hurry up Im sleepy (this is only on the non fertile days though) lol Brandy – So sorry for AF!! Lisa- congrats! Amw – Very funny!!! lol



    u get it at walmart for like 5$ and ill give u a website that talks about it…well it on one of the girls from here hold on



    Thank u so much ladies for the support- maybe I just wasn’t quite ready to leave all of u behind in the ttc forum so af decided to Cd 2- honestly since getting the mirena removed- I’m in shock every month



    Yep were the same, exceptmy partner wouldn’t try until I was well enough hehe which pissed me off at the start, but im glad we waited now… I hope it is to, I never heard of it b4 until the last few days, I don’t remember if I had it when I got pregnant with my daughter that was so long ago lol thank u. I guess ill know more either 2morrow or the next few days if it goes away.. And its light red & brown. Not the normal dark red



    Wendy- best of luck to u. The nausea has started but luckily only slight nausea.

    Vonne- clomid helps with ovulation- but also helps increase hormone levels. Also is used for unexplainable infertility- that was the explanation from my ob. But bc the drug is inexpensive is most commonly used to try to treat. If its unsuccessful then I need to look at other avenues of possible fertility issues.



    love the positvity, u go girl 😉 good luck!



    lily- its first response early response pregnancy test


    hey ladies!



    Hi ladies! Just wanted to update anyone who was interested. After getting faint lines the other day on my test (posted on blog) I took another test tonight after spotting and cramping all day. It was a def positive but now I’m bleeding red blood and having a lot a pains in my womb. It’s game over 🙁 I knew it was coming and managed to prepare myself for it.



    have fun at work Tahliasmummy; oh that reminds me I won’t be on tomorrow I actully have to work lol a school called me today to ask me to work tomorrow



    Anyone tried accupuncture? I think I might give that a go.:-D ( Can’t hurt at this point.)

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