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    cleo…what is that?



    9DPO and sore boobs but they didn’t get bigger. Last time when I was pregnant, Ididn’t get sore boobs until after they got bigger and that wasn’t until about 20 dPO. Can’t get my hopes up. I also have broken out on my face, Hears to hoping!



    Hi girls, i’m getting married in two 1/2 weeks and can’t think of a song to walk down the isle 2!!! it’s a Garden Wedding would love some suggestions if anyone can think of something 🙂



    Oh my every 12 hours?? That goes against everything that I have read…at least in regards to keeping ‘sperm vitality’. However, with that said..I would be up for the challenge! 🙂 Not sure how easy that will be with a 2 year old in the house! LOL


    yea, i took an Ovulation test, and i also had ovulation spoting. But because i have not had a period i have no idea then my nest one would start. with my DD i got a BFP at 10 days. So i just don’t know what to think right now.




    has anyone else gone off b/control and had cramping for the first cycle.. i continually feel as tho AF is coming but not due for 10days??



    Think it’s too late in the day for me to test?



    Lia20- do you know if you ovulated, if so and you’re at least 10 DPO you can try testing.



    call me crazy but I am going to do a test! It is 11 days today since we first started BDing this cycle. and I just cant wait anymore. At least if its negative I know it might not be in a week or so. I am just so sick of not knowing whats going on down there!!!



    Kirra sorry I dont know about bbts as I have not done them if I dont get a bfp this month then im going to start….



    Hey everyone! I haven’t been on here for a while… I run a daycare from home and te flu has been really stubborn at our house and hasn’t wanted to leave and then with the holidays we had alot of time off from the daycare and took full advantage of it and got some more renos done on our house!! Hope everyone’s holidays were awesome! Congrats to any BFP’s that I may have missed in my absents… BOOO to any BFN or AF’s!!! Hopefully I will be able to make it on a little bit more 🙂 I am wondering what happened with me though this cycle… I always get pain during O and I never did this cycle…. I am wondering if I o’d at all??!


    Negative OPK at 3:00 today (very negative), Very almost positive at 8:00 this evening. Now, it is 1:15 here in the morning and I decided I’m going to test again. Should be darker, right? Wrong! Completely negative, almost no line at all! My body confuses me! Guess I will just have to wait and see what tomorrow’s test says! i will test around 2:00 tomorrow. Maybe my temps will start to rise and confirm ovulation and then I can stop obsessing! IF I wouldn’t have tested three times today I would have completely missed my almost positive. I wonder what that is all about? But like I have heard many of you say ‘When in doubt BD, BD, BD! and ‘Just keep swimming!’

    Baby dust to all of you lovely ladies. Thanks for listening to me vent! and for all the advice! It keeps me sane!



    debih- you mean cycle wise? Or the double ovulation?



    baby: I think it is to early. It is only the 2. Give it 3 more I days. Thats what I think. But I could be wrong

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