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    B3thy – Hello How are you dong today?



    Sorry in advance if tmi, but I am unsure if ewcm is ewcm because I seem to have more the morning after bd or is it sperm- it is clear and stretchy, which suggests ewcm but I can’t understand why more after bd???


    tahliasmummy – am or pm ?


    I moderately exercise but stopeed heavy exercise about three months ago just because of a lag. Before that I was a heavy exerciser (run three miles every other day, p90x daily and Jeet Kune Do daily) for the three years without fail before that. I have no idea why I dropped off (my sifu moved! oops…that must be it, no one to push me ), but my weight gain is very fast because I think my body is used to consuming more calories then burining them off. Now I am consuming 1500 -2000 a day but not training heavy at all (I am 5 10 and currently 150 lbs) and I HATE how I feel.



    hi hi hi!!! Congrats and welcome to the new arrivals Chas n Diane in the dreaded TWT!!!



    Hello to all!!! My journey over this last year has been somewhat diffult, but we are still determined to get there. I got pregnant in March of 2011 with my partner, Ryan. It was to be our first baby together (I have 2 girls from a previous relationship). We were so excited! I found out in June that I had had a missed miscarriage. I opted to wait to see if everything would pass on its own. When it didn’t I opted for surgery as I couldn’t stand the waiting. I had surgery June 21st,2011. We have been TTC since getting my first period after that, but nothing….I am beginning to become frustrated and wonder if this will ever happen for us. Expected AF next week sometime. Here’s to hoping. 🙂



    Need information on IVF — I will be starting IVF in September…. If anyone has gone through IVF and is willing to share their story (goods, bads, process, what to expect) please leave me comments on my profile. Thank you!!!


    rachele the only implantation possible symptom I had was last week and T M I I stood up from going potty and there was mucous hanging from me a foot long! I was like WHAT the?! That hasn’t happened to me since puberty and crazy hormones. Perhaps it had to do with implantation??



    I don’t remember tahlia was a suprise and I didn’t find out til I was 7 weeks so I didn’t take notice. + I used to go months without my period sometimes. Its so confusing when ur bosy plays up and does things it doesn’t usually. Iv done a test this morning bfn but if I didn’t get af saturday then id only be 8dpo today.



    4DPO.. waiting game. The over-the-counter prenatals I’m taking have suddenly started to hurt my stomach and make me nauseous. Of course, it makes me think pregnancy thoughts, but 4dpo is way too early! The days go soooo slow when you’re in the 2ww =/



    Now we just need the President of POASaholics Anonymous to get back from holidays! Come on Loopy, I miss you too!



    supermama- my hubby wants me to see a doc too because of a previous m/c. We had a healthy baby after the m/c but he’s still nervous. I think it’s hard for him to understand that sometimes it just happens. atlmommy-I make sure I urinate. My doctor told me too so that you don’t get a UTI. Doesn’t the sperm fall out anyway? I don’t know about you all, but that stuff does NOT stay in me. It just falls right on out. Lol. A friend gave me these cup things to use after LOL. Hope they work!



    Goodluck everyone who’s testing tomorrow (or today for people around the world haha) I wish I was testing with use but I still got a few weeks til then haha BABY DUST 🙂



    I can’t get out of bed. My lower back kills and i’m having major cramping going on. I have a heanache too. Ugh. I also have been having very vivid dreams. I hope this all means something good… But I doubt it since I had that bleeding issue… I’m only 2 dpo…



    Goodluck diane. & congrats on ur weight lose tattooed. Dw it won’t affect a baby (if u have one) .. Im off to bed night. And keep those bfp coming.

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