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    elmera congrts! thanks for sharing the anxious wait!



    Abigails Mommy – Everyone at work is a little sick, I just hope I don’t get sick. What does temperature have to do with PG?



    Mrs.Lacombe…trust the EWCM…it’ll never steer you wrong. OPK’s can sometimes be flawed! BD like crazy, have fun doing it and stay positive…:)



    Well that’s something new around here Babys….actually being happy AF is coming!! 🙂 Good for you, I’m glad to hear you O’d this month too!!



    Bgscoobyluver and ClaireD – Woot Woot; congrats on your BFP’s!! That is so awesome! Wishing you both a very happy and healthy pregnancy! 🙂

    Just what we needed more BFP’s…When is everyone’s else’s estimated test dates?

    Mine is Septemeber 1st – as long as AF doesn’t show her ugly face before then ( 7 days and counting!!) ((I am on CD22 and my cycles tend to be 26 days….hmmm…maybe test earlier?))



    Have an awesome birthday Kathy!



    Tmam3-Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!!! Our anniversary was yesterday but we are celebrating tonight! Unfortunately, I have no BFP to show DH. :o( I’m 8dpo and it’s not looking too good. I’d rather be not expecting it so this way if it happens I will be soooooooooo excited! I really don’t know how it can be negative….I mean even FF confirms a ‘high’ probability based on all the times we BD and around the time it was. I’ll just keep POAS in the meantime till I see a positive or I get AF.


    According to fertility friend I am 3 dpo. Anyone else 3 dpo and want to be my testing buddy? 🙂


    Congrats Babyk79!!



    Thanks Diane – So I will just put the 98.2 on my chart then 🙂 I keep having these POAS dreams…last night I deamt I went to go take a test and when I opened a packet with the test in it , about 50 fell out into the toilet. I started FREAKING out because all my tests were It was hilarious!



    youngmum – what a strange dream! it does sound like subconcious anxiety about whats happened before……i hope your ok, & babydust to you!



    the more you want to be pregnant, the earlier you will feel symptoms, whether you are pregnant or not!!! I swear, it’s the body’s way of preparing for pregnancy – to always convince us that we are pregnant!! Intuition and early symptoms do certainly exist, however – could certainly be preggers Jumana! 🙂


    me too sccrj-me too-cramps are gone now, not due til Monday, but with the cramping this morning I swear its anytime!



    Megan – 8 DPO and cramping – could be implantation – how do you mean ‘weird’ discharge? What kind? Mucous after ovulation is a bit all over the place, not a very good indicator of pregnancy or not – at least not until you are 6 weeks or so when the discharge can really start to increase!



    Yes, it was! We had sex on the first, and that was the first time in WEEKS, and I tested on April 20th. So was about 20-days. But what’s the earliest you can test after sex?? Two-weeks?? I have messed up post-baby periods so will have to test, in case my period decides to go absent for 2-months again. Haha.

Viewing 15 posts - 31,051 through 31,065 (of 131,346 total)

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