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    ya i compared it to last mth but i didnt dip this low this soon…thats y i asked for advice



    Aagh Cleo – you won’t panic. Our bodies were made for this! You have to trust in your body….Well, it’s a long time out, but it’s something to consider. I’d be happy to talk to you about it as the weeks pass….I’m still just so happy for you!


    Crazy … just Terrac/Me3!!!!!!


    FAB: How much are they price ranged?



    jjs- maybe its a sign! Right before I found out I was pregnant with DS I was running into babies and pregnant women left and right! Don’t give up or get depressed. God has a plan for you. It will happen at just the right time! =) I know its hard tho. I’m feeling a little of the same. I think this would be the right time! lol Especially after seeing people with 3-4 yo having a hard time bringing a newborn home. We would really like to have another baby right after DS turns 2 BUT I have to remind myself that it WILL happen when the time is right.


    Wow cleo that soooooo exciting – i got my BFP today


    ok.. maybe I ‘m just freakin a little. Its been a while since I’ve posted. I am 7 dpo and I am very emotional, breast/nipples sore, a little crampy… Its been a year and half since I found out I was pregnant with the baby we lost.. but I didn’t have any symptoms…so its basically been 5 years since I’ve done this and I am probably over analyzing it!!! How soon can you tell by a HPT if you’re pregnant?



    oh i love bagels!! yummmmmmmmmm



    ryders..i ovulated on cd12 when did you ovulate



    Hahah i get such a kick out of u ladies! And to think i was cryin myself to sleep last nite, u girls can always cheer me up! I guess i am a little hopeful that what i am experiencing is truly impending ovulation and maybe MY easter eggo will get preggo…here goes nothing 🙂



    janinem – thats a 1000000% a BFP congratulations 😀



    Aw nuts Megan – yup, here’s to a 2010 baby for you indeed!



    crazym i hope its your last cycle too 😉 im feelin frustrated & am only on cycle 4 :/ heres hopin this month is our month! 😀



    Wow! Lol what a looong cycle for u! Omg haha hope this does the trick hun!



    Thank you for the congrats.. I pray for you all to have a BFP xxx

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