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    Tested this morning BFN!!! 13dpo and no af and still cramping. 1 day late so I’m assuming it will arrive tomorrow ๐Ÿ™



    Do you think 12-13 dpo is too soon to experience preg symptoms? I never have any kind of pms, so my sore boobs are really making me think I’m prego! I should be getting my test strips in the mail tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚



    in case anyone was wondering, my levels came back and they didnt double. went from 15-24 in technically less than 48 hours. will go back tomorrow morning to see if they hopefully doubled in 72 hours. Would really suck if I have another ectopic.

    When I was pregnant with my daugher, i felt so much more support from this site. Not so much this time. And this time, I really need it. Thanks anyway and good luck to you all.



    Shee – what brand is it? I have internet strips (Wondfo) and they advise not to check the results after 5 minutes. Every brand has a different rule it seems!



    Mandy…your surge lasts anywhere from 12-36 hours before you release an egg.



    getting goofy pressure kinda feeling in my hoo-ha today, feels weird to sit, kinda similar to the feeling I had during ovulation, but….. (telling myself) it means nothing, just a goofy thing that is happening. Trying SO HARD to resist falling into thinking I’m preggo before testing. Not sure if I will test tomorrow or not (9 dpo today)



    After I get the u/s and follow up wit him I will not be going back there. He doesn’t have the right to sit there and judge others. What he just did was medical malpractice. He didn’t examine me or anything. Even though I’m not bleeding I’m still cramping and that worries me. I will keep you ladies updated.



    went for bloodwork last week it said no but i still didnt get my period which was due on the 21st what should i do



    LKDream – when I got pregnant it was when I used ‘preseed’ (a lube which helps the sperm on their way) as well as charting my temperatures etc… I’m new to this forum, so I apologise if you’ve already discussed these things, but you just never know what might help! ๐Ÿ™‚



    luvababe – I hear ya, when my friends get pregnant after a month or two of trying, it’s hard to put up the i’m so happy for you front, especially when one of them tried for 6 mos. and got pregnant and she said ‘i was beginning to think we had problems’ try for years and give me a call i felt like saying to her



    Congrats to all the BFP Babydust to all the bfn! I havent tested this morning i woke up so late and didnt take a morning one. I may take it tonight or in the morning. No cramping today! For once but I haven’t tried to relax at all. School was good, i would never quit I know its worth it lol…



    The early tests are good, but they are so sensitive they can give evap lines if you read them after too long. Just be sure to tripple test if you get one BFP on one strip!



    snapshere. How many days are you late for your period. Blood tests pick up the smallest amounts of hcg…. So if you reg cycles are 28-32 days and you passed ur missed period and you dont have elevated hcg levels then chances are u are not pregnant. The symptoms you are feeling can be psychological. Even if you where pregnant you wouldnt feel fluttering until you where at least 12+ weeks and thats considered extremely early! besides for that naussea doesn’t start before your body recognizes elevated level of hcg so that could be psychological too. Give it a nother few days and if you still dont have af I would get blood drawn again to be sure. but it could be ur making ur body think its pregnant and thats why AF is late



    4 days until I take a HPT. Feels like FOREVER!!!



    Kristy…thanks!!! I can’t wait until Friday!! I’m just so glad to be feeling better..still nausea and cramps but that’s normal for pre af…:) ali…I know it’s so hard not to obsess! This is our 3rd child too and I know what you mean! Try to keep busy…I hope the time flies by for you ๐Ÿ™‚ chai…good luck testing…sounds like you have alot of symptoms!!:) Mommynwifey2b…looks positive to me!!!Congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚ Andy20…Thank you! I hope you feel better soon..and that’s so exciting that you could find out in two days!!! Good luck!!!Baby dust :)Ducky…congrats!!!!:) H and H 9 months to you! Mommywanttobe…you have alot of symptoms!!! I am testing Friday too!!! POAS party! LOL! Good luck…I hope you get your bfp :)Ali…I am drinking lots of green smoothies and doing lots of yoga…trying to relax and ignore all symptoms…it actually seems to be working quite well….:) momIIbe…I hope you get your bfp soon! Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚

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