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    Good Morning To you All Beautiful Ladies, How are we doing this morning?



    been very sleepy been seepin all dayy nd yesterday i wake up around dis time nd eat a lil den sleep ..nd i sleep real good lol btw fall asleep r feel like im goin to fall asleep when out have anyone ever had dis nd got bfp?



    KMarieH – YAYYYYYYY! It worked!! *does another dance, prays, lights candle again*


    Question for you temp ladies… I just started taking my temp two days ago on CD10 and 11.. but ths morning my kids were crying so I jumped up and took care of them and forgot take my temp.. is it to late to test 3 hours after I’ve been up?? My temp has been around 97.. when it goes up will it go up a lot or just a litttle??



    why not? tell me sensible thoughts…… lolx



    ClaireD…I didn’t experience aching ribs with my son until close to the end of my pregnancy…but, who knows…anything is possible!



    That’s funny TT cuz that’s what I’m about to do. My li man is bouncing like crazy in his jumper looking at me with his mouth wide open saying ‘get off that computer and get me my breakfast mommy!!!’ So I’ll be back in a bit!!



    welcome mommymaggie…you’ll catch on to all the ‘lingo’ pretty fast…and I am glad that you finally decided to post and be an ‘active’ part of this fab community. It is a wonderful place to talk to other gals who are always in the same boat as you! I have made some wonderful friends through this site, some of whom I was pregnant with and am now TTC right along side with as well! You’re going to be very happy being part of it all on here!



    Tasha has mystery macaroni in her pantry.. hmmmm



    Thanks girls! Its just weird im sooo hungry but so sick, like i have a growling belly along with feeling like im gonna throw up. And i know TMI but ive had loose BM for days now, With nmy daughter i was soo bad with this it went on for a month (she wasn’t planned and i was young so i didnt notice my missed AF) Idk i also have Heartburn and fatigue! Well only time will tell. I don’t trac k anything so i could be anywhere between 8 dpo and 3 dpo. Ohhh and BB’s feel bigger and a tad sore on the outersides of them.



    tryingagain – the thought of testing is absolutely petrifying!!!! I just cant – im on cd 35 and will have to wait for longer – at least to day 42 which was the length of my last cycle. My bb are a little tender – but that is normal for this time in my cycle.



    inabarbieworld –
    sorry about the late reply i havent been on here much.. the test that they are doing is an altrasound to see that im ovulating and internal altrasound with the dye to see if my tubes are blocked i go on day 3 for the first one and then day 6-7 for the dye test and then go back in oct for all the results but im crossing my fingers that the baby dust worked this mth….



    sorry to ask again, but for those of you who get u get them a few days before ur AF or the day of? I’ve had them for about 2 days now..and am 1 day late, but no AF.



    oh well, im off to bed, its getting late here! will prob speak to you guys tomorrow at some point am sure lol taking dh to softplay tomorrow, so should be fun, take my mind off AFs imminent arrival!!! babydust xx



    i know its early and when i saw the the bfn i felt out (stupid me for testing) am having all of these symptoms and i thought it should show by now.. with my first pregnancy i was 5 days late until i had symptoms and tested the same day i felt pregnant.. yesterday i was so angry for waking up every min to the toilet and i told hubby i wish if they sell these tubes that was inserted when i had my c-section loool

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