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    Any help would be great. I am now CD58 and with my PCOS not a surprise. I think I might be 34DPO if I did O when I think. Anyways for about the last few weeks I have felt heavy in the gut area (sorry if TMI) my nipples that are NEVER sensitive have been ever so slightly. Off and on again lower back discomfort, AF like cramps, moody beyond words, occasional leg discomfort around the pelvic area. Not real sure about the bathroom trips as it has been warm here and I have been drinking a lot more. I am hungry but when I eat it is less than normal and sometimes feel ill after. Not sure what to think. You know when you put on a pair of jeans and even if there is a small amount of water retention you have to suck it in to do them up. Well around the belly button area (hand size all around) is firmmer than normal. I can suck it in but sometimes not as far as others and when I do there is discomfort after. My frigin fertility Dr’s office just called and they will not fax a script for an u/s to be done. He wants me to drive 1 hr each way just so he can do it cause ‘only a specialist can do this u/s’. Screw him I will go to my local clinic and say what ever I have to to get it done. No matter if I am or not there is something going I on. I know my body well enough I would think. Congrats to all BFP’s, GL to all testing and FX that many more get to move on soon.



    nunu – probly not till next wed



    baby dust to you @ Mommy



    My sister in law had her iud removed had one really heavy period which she thinks cleaned her right out and got pregnant that month. Holy Fertile Myrtle!



    I am so sorry and4eva I was so sure we were going to have a bunch of BFP this month!!!



    boy o boy, my last af is june 15 and i’m a 27 days, i just found out i am preg, but i wonder do i calculate from mid of the cyle or from the last af date



    anyone testing tomorrow? So i know to check in. My husband and I are heading to the mountains tomorrow after church to visit some friends. We are on vaca the next week for some us time and house work. Not a dream vaca but a break from work is something I definitly need.



    AMANDA – I hope they work!!! I mean we are BDing already like crazy so I feel okay in that area, but i just wish I knew these tests worked and I don’t miss SEEING my surge. 🙂


    let me see if the other pic i did is clearer!



    TBT – I had absolutely NO symptoms for my DD. I just decided to test for the heck of it and it was positive. Around 6 weeks i got slight cramping and that lasted til I was almost 5 months preggo and that was really it.



    thankyou!! and to you:)) im so excited but anxious! my partner works away alot 1 month away 1 month home just now so itll be tricky, hes due home next week! lets the games begin! x



    Amanda – (hugs) I really hope this is still your month, DH’s never seem to get how much this affects us.



    Last Friday was a great day for BFPs! Hopefully the end of this week is the same! Good luck to Mileysmommy and everyone else testing this week!



    TBT – yah, he’s at home today, he works the next three days starting tomorrow, I could send him flowers, we have a roommate, but I don’t think he’d be down with videotaping. hmmmm



    Hello lovely’s! Good morning from Aus 🙂 Please can u guys check out my latest FF chart in my profile and tell me what your thinkin bout it. Im 10DPO and gettting a negative. xxx

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