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    Congrats newmum and youngmum & ur sister


    Congrats Gen! Cycle day 15 for me. Had EW CM yesterday and made sure to BD. Been super crampy on the right side and gassy all day today (sorry for tmi), so thinking today was my O day. Start counting dpo tomorrow. Hoping we caught/catch that egg! No BD for me tonight though, all that gassiness does not make for romance! LOL



    Her hubby just got home… CPalmer is nude in her appartment… she thinks she’s Oing…. hmmm, I’d say C will be disappearing for a little while 😉



    Hey ladies! Sorry to everyone who got a bfn 🙁 cd 5 for me today, time goes so slow when your ttc!!! And I have no idea when I will o as it’s my first month off the pill, will start bd soon!



    i stopped bleeding just before two weeks after william and, i was still recovering from over 20 stitches, so wonder if that had anything to do with it…. but i guess everyone is different and more fertile then others..



    lousy frenchie 🙁 i really thought you were! unless it just hasn’t shown up on a test yet?



    ArcticArlz – oh I hope so…fingers crossed 🙂


    Fingers x for you Alicia !!!!



    Coco, are you sure this is AF? If it is, I would say that CD 16 was indeed O day. Your luteal phase seems a bit short. Have you ever had your post ovulation progesterone levels checked?


    Well after several BFNs, AF showed up right on time for cd28 yesterday. So, cd1 for me again. We’re going to take a break from ttc until after my 30 bday. Hubby’s taking me to Vegas for the first time and want to be able to enjoy myself. Good luck ladies!


    spunkymoon – Oh Man!! Try and stay positive!!



    I’m so happy for those of u getting pos. results. I’m hoping to test before xmas day for my positive. we been ttc since September… but I been on depo n I hear nothing good about that..still no cycle n I hope I won’t get it by the 20th either but I also didn’t get it last month either n wasn’t pregnant than.maybe this month will b different. help


    just keep using toliet paper….thats what i did



    @dmmarinewife, 515baby & loon – thanks for the prayers. @Damnkat – thanks for your encouraging words. @katmoma – congrats…I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    DH didn’t want to bd this morning so I’m going to try to catch him this evening and again on Friday. I think I O’d a couple days ago but just want to be sure.


    LaChica26 – That sounds like agood idea!! Good luck…I have my fingers crossed for you!!

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